Sunday, 3 June 2012


I wish love came without a baggage.
I wish I could behead everyone.
I wish I didn't have to greet everybody with a fake smile.

The girl sat behind me in the park.
She was busy making plans with her fiancee.
After a while,her words started to sound more like a bzzzzzz...
I took a walk,came back and she was still there.
Talking about dinner plans,table reservations and caramel popcorn.
Ah,simple pleasures,I tell you.

But I never wanted it the simple way,
the easy way.
I wanted the mountains to break apart.
All that came out was a disinterested sigh.
Funny I was too lazy to even let that out.

"Life is and will be fucking her in every possible way",said one of my ex-admirers,
and I agree.
I just wish it weren't this boring.
Trying out a few more positions would have been fun.

As I keep drowning myself into an endless sea of pussy,
I take a meaningful look all around.
People look small and insignificant,
I keep getting bigger than everything.
It's not my ego,I got none.
It's just my tummy.

I'll rise some day,
or bury myself in the shit.
It's my wish.
It really is.

Let's take a walk,come back and talk about other things because 'fun' isn't fun unless it's 'fun'.


  1. Sayonara ? I was about to tell you "welcome back"- Yes, welcome back Soumi, where have u been BTW ?
    keep writing:-)

  2. My exams were going on. It's not over yet. But I had to write. Outfit posts will star in a week or so.:-)