Sunday, 7 October 2012

Clutch it once more...

Clutch it once more,
July,my darling,
you make sense.

Take it away,
July,my love,
if it ain't you,
it ain't worth a dime.

July,you like me fast?
July,you like me dumb?
July,you like me numb?

The eagle will keep circling,
the circle will keep getting smaller.
My head will start reeling too,July.
Would you hold me for a second?

We'll put out the last candle too
and make love in the dark.
July,would you whisper my name?

Wedding music is funny,July.
It smells of dream and tastes like heartbreak.
July,my beloved,I too wanted to be a princess.

 In the past few months,I've become one of those persons I had promised myself I'd never resemble. I don't read any more. Almost,that is. There are days when I don't even get to read the newspaper. I start yawning the moment one starts talking about serious literature,politics or philosophy. These are the things I used to love earlier. I hate challenges,I hate conversations more. I wake up at 6 in the morning and spend the entire day in an extremely hot and humid room staring at people I have absolutely nothing in common with. I don't even shop any more. I don't feel like putting any fancy clothes on,let alone accessorizing. That's why I'm still grateful to the old folders for reminding me that I used to scribble a few lines,long back. It's a history now though.


  1. I like that poetry you wrote, I like your outfit, cant see much though, checking from my phone, but you are looking good in it. Do scribble sometimes.

  2. I've already let you know that you're going shopping with me the next time I'm in Kolkata. And keep reminding yourself that you can write more often. Achha lagta hai! :)

  3. I love the colour blocking Soumi!

  4. Adorable shirt!
    Come back soon to visit my blog: Cosa mi metto???

  5. Just desired to comment and say which i genuinely like your weblog, It’s very refreshing to see a blogger like you.. keep it up…
    From India

  6. I think we are in the same state of mind...I am also not in any mood for shopping or dressing up...might be because I was sick for a long time or the weather..or both. I love your outfit.You are also looking different with a new hairstyle.
    but do keep writing.

  7. i love the outfit..i have become somewhat like feels like a chore to even read more than 10 pages..i don't read the paper (i follow e versions though)..if it weren't for the push i got from my best friend i wouldn't even have shopped for pujas..i don't to class so often because i have so very little (actually nothing) in common with them apart from what we study.i feel like a blob of meat and bones who would never excel in anything because i am always like this..ughh!