Wednesday, 13 June 2012

P for palazzo!

Yes,people! I got my first pair of palazzo pants! After months of worrying,planning and unplanning,I decided to ditch the lollypop look and embrace volume instead. And exams are over too! How cool is that,huh? I was so happy that I decided to grace you all with an outfit post(Never mind the location,:P)! This bag is a new buy too and I can't have enough of it! The pink pumps are obviously OLD but they're my favourites. So,I end up wearing them a lot more than I probably should. Decided to layer the look a little with the leather band and the antique watch.
                                                                     And now,time for 'poetry',people!

The moons are talking to me tonight.
I've to listen to them
before the suns arrive.

The suns are bossy and they turn me off.
I'll pack my bags and leave.
The empty bottle(s) will make a clinking sound to keep me company.

I'll reach before you can say 'blah'.
I've my own work to do.
Don't call me until the curtains turn crimson.

I bleed every month.
On a particular week.
That's one of God's mysteries.
My mother gave me a white tampon to cover up the shame with.
I'll get rid of it soon.
And be proud of my blood.
It'll drop down my legs-
down,down and swoop!
No,you'll never be the one sucking it up
because I'm in love with myself.

I'll take a walk and finish my drink.
Feel free to miss me.
Or not.
I'm cool either way.

"Life is pointless and it's fun living that way",
only if you knew.


  1. Something really cool in this summer ! ;)
    Your plazzo and your poetry both are fresh and rocking ! :-)

    1. Palazzo is 'fresh' and thanks for noticing. But poetry is 'ekdom bawstapawcha' toh!:D

  2. Looking so sassy, inspired me to look for palazzo pants of my own:))
    The trash can didn't bother me at all promise:))

    1. Ha ha...I'm glad it didn't.:-)

  3. finally with an outfit post. looking great .. love the bag and the pants ...makes me want to get out and buy a palazzo for me ..

    1. Get one,girl! They're so much fun,trust me!

  4. life is pointless and its fun living that way...hmmmm...makes sense.
    Again, I hope that you will inspire me to write poetry now that you are back :-)
    {cute bag }

    1. I love the bag too! Thanks a lot! Inspiring you? Wow! That kinda makes my day!:-)

  5. Wala!Super LIKEY for this outfit post of yours. So far I loved your post on palazzos the most! Comfy-chic-cute(you are) <3
    The cuff is so cool...And the Olive sling: that's a total steal babe.

    1. I know,right? But when the fuck will I get to see you? I miss you like anything!:-(

  6. I really liked your poetry!Keep it up!

  7. Loved the flow of your writing! <3 :-)

  8. Your poetry is pretty brutal. I'm hooked!