Saturday, 28 April 2012

A lot of voices...

A sparrow came to me last night,
drenched and shivering.
Yes,it had rained last night.
It came because it had a story to tell.
A story that sounded so funny standing in front of the rain-soaked balcony.
A story about the happy sun,in its brightest yellow.
A story about the pregnant trees,dancing the Samba.
I had no time for all these stupid ranting but I didn't want to be rude.

Poet,I'm not gifted but I'm angry.
Angry enough to crush your skull to death.
I don't caress birds,placing them on my thigh,
but I don't kill them either.

Dear dance instructor,I don't love you.
No matter where you go,Delhi or Lucknow,
I won't miss you.
I DO wonder at times how it'd have been to melt into your embrace though.
But that's pure lust.

Dear lady in the metro,I'm not particularly fond of your cleavage-revealing blouse.
It's plain crass,if you ask me.
But I guess it keeps your marriage alive and kicking,
so,I don't mind.
Who am I to judge anyway?

Of cheap cigarettes and posh hookahs,
of sighs never earned and kisses never asked for,
my drunken nocturnal self keeps all the wasted senses intact.
And I keep on living.
Let's drink to life,the greatest joke ever cracked.

P.S.And today,I'm going to share with you all the last episode of the Bloggers' meet part I. The spotlight is on Ayantika today. We both are Engineers,we both swear by colored bottoms and we both are blessed with a few extra pounds. But these are DEFINITELY not why we are like a house on fire! Her purple denims were so pretty that even my other friends who saw her pictures on my Facebook profile started inquiring about its whereabouts.*Wink*
Also,if you've noticed,during the Bloggers' meet posts,I let my girls hog the limelight and chose to stay away. Well,I'm as selfless and oblivious of publicity as that.
                                                                             The more believable reason? I don't have my pictures since after the first few minutes,we decided to take all the pictures using Anu's camera and I never got the snaps back,except for the group photo.*Tears and sobs*
Now that you've got the ugly confession out of me and I'm no more the selfless friend promoting other friends for free,can I go to sleep? Thank you.*Farts and barps*


  1. the poem! I loved both your denims! ans ask anu for your pics she'll mail them to you!

  2. Yes.. Colored denims are pretty.. And after seeing those pics, I too wish that I lived in kolkata!
    Lovely poem accompanied with lovely pics of equally gorgeous girls..
    Cheers! =)

  3. U look so lovely in ur red jeans, and so with ur friends:))
    Awesome once again, u never failed to ause me on ur words.

  4. Ooh such honesty! I like! :)

  5. You had so much fun it seems and all of you are looking lovely and colorful- Kolkata tum longon ki holi ki raang mein raang gayee! [ pardon my poor Hindi !}

    and lovely poem, once again, full of sarcasm !

    1. I asked you to come by this time only,no? We'd have had so much fun!:-(

  6. Your poem. Period. I won't say anything. And this bloggers meet looks so fun. You were all so colorful, bright, n chirpy. Am sure you people got serious stares everywhere. Especially from those intellectual and serious kinda guys :P

  7. i saw the pics on anupriya's blog....looks like u girls had some serious fun!!

    maybe if i come down to kolkata , i can meet up with all of you!!

    the colored pants on both you and ayantika look grt!!

  8. kudos for that blogger meet.. and love the poem....those colored denims are fab..:)

  9. Loved the poem :)
    and thank u sweetie ;)...kin2 amake few extra pound bole lojja dili ? X( :D

  10. AWESOME, man! Glad you had fun!! :)

  11. loved ur sundor kobita likhecho....following ur space now !!!!do visit my space in ur free time !!!

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    fashion portraits and win great gifts from mango, Zara and Bodyshop.

  13. Intersting post sweetie! I was thinking...maybe we can follow each other?! XoXo

  14. There are way too many pretty women in this frame.