Friday, 14 December 2012

Ethnic day recap

Kalamkaari kurti,sling,ring,cuff-New Market,earrings-roadside stall at Lindsay Street,kolhapuri-Shreeram Arcade,dhoti pant-Simpark mall
I've been missing for a while,thanks to exams and now that I'm done with the worst semester of my life(fingers crossed things won't get any worse),I'm back with a bang! And due to the two failed relationships where I bonded 'intellectually' with the persons concerned,I'm in a super girly mood these days! So,shopping,hanging out with friends and partying top my list of priorities now. And I couldn't have chosen a better time for this mood of mine! I've at least five parties coming up before Jan! YAY to that! And I just got off phone with the amazing Anu and we have already planned the second Kolkata Bloggers' Meet! And in case you haven't seen the outfit I wore to our annual alumni meet at Hops,check out this space for more details in the coming week. Till then,keep it stylish.
                                                                           With love,


  1. you are invited to follow my blog

  2. You bonded intellectually with the persons concerned? What does that mean now? I mean I haven't ever heard of that!
    By the way your collection of slings is making me jealous!
    Five parties? Whoa! Enjoy girl. :)

  3. Love your accessories, girl! And we should SO do the meet this time! Am excited already! :))

  4. You sure are keeping it stylish :) Love the ring!

  5. Love the ring! And so glad ur exams is over, meaning more time to blog:)

  6. The ring and bangle is pretty! You surely know how to look good in Indian way ;)

  7. Look who is this ? Our very own Soumi or a Style Diva ? :)
    Love all these accessories girl. Way to go :)