Sunday, 8 July 2012

"Child,look at me."

"Child,look at me",
turn back.
The night is scary.
Scarier than fairytale movies.
Because it won't warn you before the fangs go deep down.
They aren't spiders.
And my English isn't pretty.

I'm drunk,child,
are you?
You drank milk,huh?
Smell me,
touch me,
I'm available.
I'm the liveliest showpiece ever.
I'll die when you want me to.
I'm alive though.
And I come for free.

Alcohol isn't entirely a bad thing
though your parents might tell you otherwise.
I never saw them,
I never will.
Because they live inside the woods
and go for morning walks in their trench coats
when I'm busy fighting my hangovers.

Child,I'm a likeable person,
I really am.
I'll pour you milk and pat your back.
I think you'd like me.

It's the night that makes me violent,child.
Do you understand?
Would you?
The magic of night?
The pleasure of loneliness?

Don't be scared if I puke.
I like tracing them around my loo,
they're fascinating.
And scary.

But I'll save you.
From all the evil forces.
Because I'm one of them only.

But I'll kill you too.
Because innocence never gave the world anything
apart from the momentary hallucination.
And I'm here to save the world,believe it or not.
In my pink lingerie and electric blue flip flops.

In case you're wondering,yes,that was indeed written while I was dead drunk. Thank you for asking. And now,the pictures from a friend's b'day. We went to China Town(again) for lunch and then to Mocha for hookah. It was fun finishing a hookah all by myself,for the first time ever! Never mind the drowsiness though.:P

Palazzo pant-B.K.Market,yellow shrug and pink pumps-Shreeram Arcade,Leather band-Sudder Street,blue blouse,clutch,owl pendant,charm and earrings-gifted


  1. I like the poem!
    Also, love your clutch!

  2. Love the laidback vibe of the outfit! :)

    And the lines??? They spell D-R-U-N-K. But in a good way! ;)

    1. Yes,D-R-U-N-K,trust me! All D-R-U-N-K are good as long as you're not driving.:-)

  3. Nice poem! Its good to get drunk once in a while I guess! ;)
    Pretty outfit, and you are looking gorgeous!!

    1. Thanks,sweetie! And yeah,it's GOOD. Pretty GOOD.

  4. Poem awesome.
    I like the idea of painting ur left fingernails, right, bare:))

    1. Thanks.:-) But tell you what,I didn't do it consciously. I was staying at home these days since college hasn't started yet. Having lunch at home meant eating rice,daal and curries with my hand. So,had to keep the right hand bare. Otherwise,the turmeric in the curries makes the nails look a ghastly yellow.:P

  5. I love the poem !! "I'm the liveliest showpiece ever"...i absolutely love that line. Love those pretty ballet flats and that neckpiece with coins tied together. <3

  6. pink lingerie and electric blue flipflop....oops what a combo ;)...I must say..nother awesome creation !
    And, I am in love with your outfit from head to toe...specially that clutch !

    Bong's Belleza

  7. You went to China town ! in Tangra ? that's one of my fav place. And the look is going well with the China Town theme.Your neck piece is unique, very fengsui -ish.
    The pant and the bag is looking very Chinese too:-)
    You are looking lovely by the way, love your new hairstyle[ side parting } !

    1. Thanks,Sanghamitra! I go to China Town a little more frequently than I should.:P

  8. I like the attire and the poem.
    Love the clutch. You make me want to come to Cal.

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    // Avy ♥

  10. love the look!
    Pigalle Passions
    The biggest Louboutin pigalle fansite in the world!

  11. I love reading your poems you know! And the outfit I already told you I love!

  12. maybe you were drunk, but it's pretty amazing, also love the outfit!

  13. SOUMI! Forgot me, I guess? :P

    How've you been? Interesting post and yes yes, BEAUTIFUL do you look in these pictures. Lovely! :)

  14. Beautiful outfit :) I'm following you now :)

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  16. That is such a cute clutch ..I want it badly!!
    and those pendantsare fab too!

  17. cruel lving lonely....and so touching..this poem!!

    and love ur clutch!!

  18. you byootee! I awarded you :)

  19. YOU.
    I know you've already won and all, the amazing chic that you are but ishtill. Me mentioned you on me blog.

  20. That is an awesome poem! great work!

  21. cool style!!!
    I've just discovered your awesome blog, i'd love you to check mine out and let me know what you think ;)
    kisses from Spain,

  22. Your silliness is now giving me complex :/