Saturday, 27 August 2011

Time to get serious...

Looks like my no nonsense blogging has to come to an end.Or,make it a pause because I really,really love 'not making sense'.;-)
                        But on a serious note,my 'super cute but slightly too fair and a little too soft-spoken verbals teacher with pink lips(*Yawn*) and a British accent to die for' thinks that the habits I've picked up while blogging-mindless blabbering,not focusing on a certain topic and sticking to it,tending to deviate from the main issue after the first few lines...have something to do with the fact that my essays're either wild and desperate or just stupid and monotonous. I must say essay writing isn't my favorite activity. I hate it even more when someone else fixes the topic. I mean,c'mon,someone else telling me what to think about? Feels like such an intrusion! But there's nothing I can do about it. Since my D.I. skills are anything but 'good',my chances of cracking CAT are quite similar to Mallika Sherawat's chances of becoming the next thinking man's woman(Sorry Ms. Sherawat,please don't hate me.I'm not jealous of your vital stats.I even loved you in that 'Maiya maiya' song but I just couldn't think of a better example),I've decided to give XAT a try too.It focuses more on the English part.So,I might actually manage a better percentile than 40.96.(Yes,I'm THAT bad)
                                                                                                                                        So,for the coming three months,I need to concentrate more on terms like 'Consumerism','Communism','Capitalism','Socialism','General imbalance' and all. He says I've to practice A LOT. And what better place to practice than my OWN blog? So,that means all the posts singing paeans to 'Wow momo' and retail therapy will probably come to an end. Instead,you'll be greeted with 'hard hitting' abstract topics,so typical of XATs. But don't worry,I'm really bad at this.And who wants to write even a line about something they don't like? So,I'll try to pick the easiest and friendliest topics among the lot. But nonetheless,I'm sorry for torturing you.Feel free to skip my blog until January,I won't judge you.But please don't abuse my super cute 'Sanket sir'. I'll tell you a secret here. All that bullshit the elders used to tell us about teachers,no? That 'a teacher wants to make a student better.That's why when you do something good,they ask you to do it better.And when you're satisfied with your performance,they call you a loser and under performer only because they've your best interest at heart...',all that crap IS true! Most of my fellow students(the ones who attend the class,that is)struggle to even write a word,and still he criticizes me only! No,he doesn't beat students up like my first grade Maths auntie but his sharp words hurt you more than that. And don't even think about his sarcasm. It's as mean as it can get. I used to hate him a lot for it. I always wondered what I've done to him to make him hate me so much! 'I'm so nice to him! Why can't he just return me the favor?' But I guess he actually wanted me to shine where it matters. So,that was him returning the favors actually.Though that still doesn't explain why he keeps ignoring my shy glances.:-(
                     Anyway,so,I figured,if my 'light' and 'mindless' posts are to come to an end,why not give them a grand semi-farewell they deserve,irrespective of what he thinks(He's actually against anything light because it probably reminds him of Chetan Bhagat whom we both hate so passionately)?.Okay,Chetan Bhagat fans,you can stop giving me that mean look. I actually don't HATE him. I'm just 'not a fan'.
                                                                                                                         And I truly apologize to all those who clicked the 'Play' button so expectantly last night and found nothing. Turns out blogger doesn't like videos more than a minute long.Those of you who are really interested to see the videos,you can mail me.I'll try to mail you the videos back.

                                              And last but not the least,say 'hello' to my new jumpsuit. I bought it almost three months ago but was saving it for 'Durga Pujo'(The bong Chirstmas,you see).But I can't wait any more.Every night,I can't sleep thinking what'd happen if all the mice in the world were to decide that my sling was 'THE THING TO HAVE TONIGHT'.So,here goes the two things I love the most after books(and of course,dance features nowhere).And I'm obsessed with these pink pumps!I've bought almost five pairs after buying this one but I end up wearing it every other day!


  1. Whoa!! I wanna bag that BAG!! :D :D I really like the jumpsuit too and so unfair, why didn't you mention from where you have picked that up?? :D
    secondly, wont mind reading economic contents, considering am such lame at that topic.. so wont mind at all to add some gk :D :P
    keep posting...!!

  2. @Ananya,arrey,I got that one from Simpark Mall.And I'm afraid my writing won't do any good to your G.K.I'm pretty scared myself.But good news is that XAT is on 8th Jan.So,though I'll have my sem in mid Nov or Dec,I'll probably be a lot more practised by then.Thanks.:-)

    @Moumita,you should be ashamed of yourself.My blog is on her way to celebrate her six months and you've not checked more than three posts yet!Is that what being a friend is all about?