Wednesday, 10 August 2011

Effing with a capital 'F'!

There’re bad days and then there’re days like these!

10:15 a.m.-Have to wake up, thanks to the helpful ant who took refuge in my bed sheet last night when I was having cookies for dinner and never left. He felt that it was his responsibility to stop me from bunking college. And I might add that his way of bringing me back to my senses was pretty rude.

10:40 a.m.-Get ‘ready’ to face the water-logged streets I’ve to brave to reach college. Pack my Data Interpretation papers in so that I can drop by my friend’s place to practice them after college.

10:45 a.m.-Someone informs me that the form I was supposed to submit for not doing the soft skills training from college isn’t what we had expected it to be. It’s practically my professional death certificate signed by me and my parents. Had an argument with mom regarding this since she always wanted me not to declare a war against college and go along with whatever I’m told. Rushed out of home in a bad mood.

12:30 p.m.-Reached college after a lot of difficulties(It usually takes me one hour but thanks to the rain and traffic, I reached so late). Found out that there was a blackout and the generator wasn’t working. Also, I needed my guardian’s signature to submit the form. Called my father and asked him to come down there. And trust me when I say that he WAS NOT happy!d

2:10 p.m.-He reaches college, gives me a piece of his mind, meets a registrar-cum-chemistry teacher-cum-sales executive who, very convincingly talks my father into the training ‘explaining’ why I need to go through this bullshit and how it’ll help me in every step of my ‘career’ in future and how they only have my best interests at heart! Amazing, no? The multi-tasking people!

2:15 p.m.-Get into a bus amidst heavy downpours. The bus gets stuck near airport for wait-for-it, forty minutes and then again, for an hour near the terminal! The whole journey was supposed to be of one hour, you might remember. And did I tell you the breakfast story? We ran out of cereals which I discovered this morning. The bananas weren’t my type and the jam looked so yucky! So, two pieces of stale bread were the only thing I had for my breakfast(and it was the only thing I was to be content with till 5:30 p.m.,as you'll later find out).

4:00 p.m.-With the rain showing no chances of slowing down, and the people inside the bus increasing exponentially, we requested the ones sitting near the windows to open the them since it was getting really stuffy inside. Of course they weren't ready to get wet. After a few minutes, I had difficulties breathing. The body odor of so many people around and a few middle aged men trying to dry hump me weren't helping at all! I threw up on the road once, got down from the bus and started walking. As far as I could see,there were cars and buses and trucks and bikes stuck. I tried walking down the pavement which was practically nothing but a mud slush by then. And that's when a bike lost its balance and banged right opposite me. I was about to skid but since the bike was the only thing near me,I didn't fall on the mud, I rather fell on the bike. My shoulders and legs still hurt, thanks for asking. Needless to say, I couldn't reach my friend's place and it took me forty more minutes to reach home only. My D.I papers were all soggy for no reason.

5:15 p.m.-After 'discussing' with other 'responsible' people around, my parents decided to enroll my name for the damned training though I've already missed more than fifteen classes and won't be able to attend even a single class from now on too. Icing on the cake,right? So, let me just sum up the whole situation for you-I was determined not to let college talk me into a shit training that I don't need at all just so they can make a profit.At the end of the day, I'm the poor little loser who lost her battle, had to enroll anyway and pay the same amount therefore and still ending up missing half the classes. I almost had an accident and threw up once. I had a fight with my mom. My D.I papers're so soggy that I won't be able to solve them later also as I can barely read the digits! I had a bad hair day and my internet connection was down till 1 a.m. Does it get any better than that?
Shorts-New Market,Beige shrug-Metro Plaza,White tank-Westside,Pink pumps-Shreeram Arcade

P.S.After such a day,do you really blame me for taking out the happy pink pumps and clicking myself in my shabby room?


  1. dont worry babes.. shit happens to all of us.. I can understand about that training thing.. lot of my friends took that to be prepared for campus interviews..however my parents and i were pretty sure that i dont need that.. dont worry about your parents .. they just want the best for you..
    by the way, love the shorts and the pink pumps.. could you just tell me in where from new market you got them .. ?

  2. Thanks.Yeah,I guess you're right.The pink pumps are from the basement of Shreeram Arcade.Shop no.6 from the right end,I guess.And the shorts are from the old new market building,near the ones selling dress materials.It was probably named Victoria Art Palace,E(N)106, B 107.You can't even imagine how cheap they were.

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  4. Look, here is my short-cut story. Our so-called college officials were craving for money and I needed my space at that point of time so I gave them their precious money and now, I have my space back and ofcourse I don't have to attend those worthless classes. Basically, that's a bullet ticket for me. Moral is- never go off the chain, just try to make a short-cut between two paths just like I did for bucking classes but always tell your parents the truth and try to convince them with what you're actually trying to do and with solid justification just like I did. I'm sure they'll understand.

  5. Happy pink pumps indeed. ^.^
    That saree is an heirloom silly. I'll let you borrow it though. Hee. ;]

  6. OMG!Here goes my second 'celeb comment'!Yipee!Karishma on my blog again!Anyway,then please keep coming back to Mumbai once in a while because I'll probably be in Mumbai after June,2012.And don't worry,I'll feed you a stomachful(if such a word exists which I'm pretty sure doesn't since my computer underlines it in red already)of cupcakes in return.Love.