Friday, 26 August 2011

I'm 21,I'm single and I don't swear by the word 'dance' any more,at least not until January but I still can't think of a better way to spend a Friday evening than watching a Kathak recital.For all those who are allergic to anything related to Indian classical dance forms(or Indian classical music for that matter),I'd rather suggest you to skip this post.thank you for visiting anyway.
                                                   For all those who're still here,welcome.Even if you're really not into classical dance or dance in general,fret not.There's always a first time.

                                                                                           I had the privilege of watching famous choreographer and Kathak exponent Luna Poddar and her disciples create magic on stage at Gyan Manch today.I didn't participate but I wasn't complaining.One of the best parts of sitting in the audience is that you get to absorb the whole mood.There's no hurry to get dressed for the next sequence,no tension regarding your steps...It's just pure bliss.I couldn't record the whole show,thanks to my memory card and its limited capabilities.I,in fact couldn't capture the most important moment-Luna ma'am performing.But then,there's no 'unimportant' moment in a recital.The first presentation was 'Shiksha' which the students dedicated to their 'guru'.The next was 'Taal Dhamaal',a group performance with complex footwork.Then there was 'Vasant Bahar'.The next was a 'jugalbandi' in 'Teen taal'.And last was a dance drama,about the various mental states of a 'nayika'.Thought would share the videos.hope you would enjoy them as much as I did.

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