Sunday, 26 June 2011


I've always been a big fan of straps.I love them everywhere,in any form-the noodle straps,the ankle straps,I love them all!But if I've to bring it down to my current crush,I guess I've to give it to my 'boyfriend of two years' gladiators.I spotted them on a fashion show updates on a TV channel and have been completely smitten by this one ever since.I looked in every nook and corner of Kolkata streets but never found one till 23rd nov,2009.Yes,people,that's the day I got my first pair of gladiators.It cost me something around 350 bucks and trust me,it was shit!A crappy black pair with straps that looked like buckteeth.But I couldn't be happier.I started sporting them everywhere.I got a 'not-so-uniform' tan throughout my legs,thanks to wearing capris and cropped denims 24x7.Over years,I've moved on to classier(and costlier) pairs but the love has been all the same.So,when I went to watch 'Pirates 4' a few weeks before and saw my friend Sananda wearing this fab pair which she claims to have got for 170 bucks(though I didn't trust her fully,I told her I'd trust her the day she gets me one as good as hers for 170 bucks),I thought it was time to come clean about my love affair with gladiators.And what better place than here?Fashion pundits say that you shouldn't wear gladiators if your feet're too wide.It makes them look wider which isn't flattering at all but who cares?I had told you many times before that my blog isn't about rules.It's about affordable,feel-good fashion.So,why bother?


  1. Afta 11th July, U gonna own one sweet...! I gotta prove mah words to be true. :)

  2. Strappy is so in! I have a weakness for them too. :D

    also, Gladaitors rule ;)

  3. Strappy shoes never go out of style!


  4. Gladiators totally rule...even I am smitten by them!! They are just too good. I have exactly the same pair your friend is sporting(got it from Metro Plaza :P)but mine is in black and it cost me 200 bucks !!! :'(

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