Sunday, 5 June 2011


I'm not a student of psychology but I've always wondered why the most famous personalities've always been a disaster in their personal lives.Some didn't care for their children because they thought it wasn't 'fair' for the rest of the country,some were too busy to start the revolution to notice the wall growing between him/her and his/her spouse,some couldn't be there when his/her mother died because their other commitments came first.Most of the kids with a larger-than-life parent found themselves overshadowed by the persona of their parents.They were always under the pressure to prove themselves and most of the time,ended up being a failure and sunk into depression.The famous parents turned their backs to these helpless losers because they were a sign of their weakness,a phase of their lives they weren't proud of.The spouses of most of the historical and political personalities(or celebs in other fields also)weren't allowed to be their usual selves because it might ruin their reputation and show them in a wrong light.But weren't we taught that charity begins at home?If we can't care about our family members,how the hell do we plan to run a country?Why should we project ourselves as a saint to make a place in the heart of the common people?Why should we be termed elitist if we love good wine,golf,fashion or good books and still want to work for the people?Why do we have to roam around in the ugliest saris or dhoti-kurtas to be a 'people's person'?Why can't we tweet about our feelings and still be the Minister of State for External Affairs?Maybe these people're not to be blamed.Maybe the answer lies in our attitude,the way we see our idols,the way we want our leaders to be,the fact that we don't 'respect' them,we 'worship' them.Maybe it's time to stop expecting a leader to be the God.Maybe it's time to accept that they're just common people,like us,with an uncommon motto in their lives.

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