Saturday, 4 June 2011


I've been getting complaints from various people that this blog is getting too fashion-centric.True,I had promised not to repeat two posts on the same topic.But the truth is that I had planned the color blocking post much earlier and couldn't do it because of my camera and its tantrums.So,here's something as anti-fashion as possible.
                                                              I weigh more than sixty kgs,I don't follow any diet and I don't work out.If I still have to tell you that I'm FAT,honey,your brain is thicker than me.Being an out-and-out foodie is one reason behind my cellulite thigh for sure.Yes,I love my food but I'm lazy with a capital 'L'!So, sloppy food is the way to go.I don't like to cook much but when I had to pay sixty five bucks for a plate of yucky vada pav at this Shakespeare Sarani joint,I decided to give it a try.I googled a little and with a little help from my mom,my kitchen date was a hit!Here I'll share my recipe of the easiest vada pav under the sun.
Take two potatoes,boil them and mash them with salt,cumin powder,coriander powder,red chilli powder and boiled green chillies.Make flat patties and keep aside.Take besan,salt,red chilli powder and water in a bowl and make a smooth batter,neither too runny,nor too thick.Heat oil in a kadai,dip the patties in the besan batter and deep fry the patties until golden brown.Soak a cup of tamarind pulps for an hour and discard the seeds.Boil the pulps with a little sugar and salt for a few minutes until thick.Strain and retain the liquid.Now make a paste with mint leaves,coriander leaves,green chillies and salt.Make another paste with a few pods of garlic,roasted sesame seeds,red chilli powder and salt.Now bake two pieces of bun lightly.Try not to use sweet bun.Spread the tamarind chutney on one of the buns.Put a potato patty on it,spread garlic chutney on the patty and sprinkle chopped pickled green chillies.Spread the mint and coriander chutney on the other bun and cover the patty with it.Your vada pav is ready.Serve it with mustard.
P.S.a quick tip for the real lazy ones-if you live in Kolkata and are lucky enough to have a 'choper dokan'(a shop selling deep fried fritters)nearby,you can actually replace the potato patty with an 'aloor chop' and you can also ditch the sesame seeds in the garlic chutney.Tell you what,it tastes the same and you feel better.;-)


  1. i feel u should start a girlie show , fashion , cooking , books -wide range of interests:)

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