Thursday, 19 April 2012



Bang the door

Bang it like you're being chased by a hungry monster.

Bang the whore.

Bang her like this is the last fuck.

And after all the banging,when you get Syphilis,

lie down on the bed obediently.

You'll be covered with red blisters

that will look more like make up and less like the fatal rashes they actually are.

Nevertheless,you will be itching your balls without stopping for even a second.

And trust me,it's fun.

And then,suddenly,you'll think you're cured.

You'll go back to normal life-


Little will you know that Syphilis is playing with you.

It just gave you enough time to cool down.

Enough time to appreciate the setting sun playing peek-a-boo with the Eucalyptus leaves behind your porch.

Enough time to ask your wife for forgiveness.

Bang despite all these,dude.

Good time calls for better shit and therefore,harder banging.

And then,one rainy night,it'll return like the unwanted guest-

stealthily,gingerly but firmly too.

And it'll cradle your head like the dotting mother it pretends to be.

And then,fever and rashes will start again.

It'll fool you.

You'll think all the while that you're going to die when in fact,you're very much alive.

You'll start being delirious finally.

You'll see your dead mother in the swing outside your window,

you'll imagine a dead wolf in your green chutney,

you'll try to kill your son with a sharp razor.

Nevertheless,keep banging,dude!

Because that's the only way to be.

At the end of the year,when the invisible queen will hold her annual durbar

and assign all the sinners the punishments they deserve,

you'll be there.

Wearing the pictorial description of your disease around your neck,in front of your prison gate,

you'll await your fate.

Your neck will be oiled like an old machine lying unused for years

so that it becomes easier to chop your head off.

The execution ground is a fine place,really.

Much like a fairground.

Amusements all around.

Vision and sound.

There will be trumpets.

There will be savage dances.

Your life won't go unnoticed,trust me!

I'll be there too-

sitting in front of the queen,

on the floor,

licking champagne from her feet

and singing paeans to her parakeet.

Die without fear,dude.

I'll make you proud.

I'll feed the birds when the sun looks at the grasses in his unkempt hair.

I'll read the novel when twilight cleans the last trace of thick yellowish pus from her mind.

I'll eat roasted lamb when the moon paints everything in its usual nauseous silver.

And on rainy days,I'll go fishing

and look over the river in its healthiest avatar

and think of you,

your unfulfilled dreams,

easy dreams,

catchy dreams,

and the pickle jar you had to take to your grave so that you're born a fine man next time around too.

Don't miss the HEAVY influence of 'The yellow emperor's cure' on this piece. Yes,I read it a few days ago and haven't been able to get it out of my head since then! It was beautiful! And I decided to dedicate this 'poem'(I'm far from a poet but most of you claim I'm one,so,here it goes) to 'Pratishedhak',a little magazine group who will always be the most eclectic bunch of immensely talented yet surprisingly down-to-earth and non-pretentious poets I've ever seen!

And now,the girlie part,
 You might remember I had promised to share all the KBM lovelies one by one. So,here comes bestie no. II-Anupriya! She's poise and grace personified! So composed,so sweet,so unlike me! She balanced our group like anything! Sayantani and I kept blabbering and she lent a Victorian quotient to our group with her subdued smiles and not-so-little black dress! I was rather busy concentrating on her perfect nude footwear(it's so pretty and yet unconventional) but didn't miss the significant detailing. The neon green belt,the yellow watch and most importantly,the brooch...aha,she's a woman who knows how to make the biggest impact without going overboard. And she's also sweet enough to try and make me earn a few bucks more since I'm getting poorer day by day! Love,Anu. Mwah.


  1., firstly, I think that piece I read up there is great! I mean, it's dark, it's eerie, it's negative...yet, it's so beautifully written that you would want to read it again & again! Well done girlie! :)

    And NOW, secondly, THANK YOU SO MUCH for all the lovely words of praise & compliments you bestowed upon my humble self!! I'm touched! Sigh!
    And I didn't really think you actually picked out all those li'l details of my outfit...shows that you are a true fashionista! Oh! And I'd give the credit for the yellow watch to my guy - it was a V-day gift!! *blush*
    Love you too girl.....see you soon!! Mwah! <3

  2. You sure know the art of spewing venom in style !

    I have not read Kunal Basu but watched The Japanese Wife and loved it.

    1. Read him,Sanghamitra. He's good. I loved Japanese Wife too,both the book and the movie. And as far as the spewing venom in style thing is concerned,ahem...thanks,I guess!;-)

  3. For a moment there,I was tempted to think all the 'Bang'ing was a Bangali influence.:-D

  4. And yep...Anupriya does seem to have that thing which can make a poetic guy make poems on her behalf.;-)

  5. such a hilarious little post!! :D

  6. Love your poem. This time too you rocked as well!!

  7. Yes Anu was all poise and all! She di balance us out well na!

  8. Hey, you look really pretty! Love your bag!

    ❤ Fabulous Little

  9. Pop of green is lovely!