Friday, 13 April 2012

On a random rainy evening,thanks to lack of 'kawbitto'

Slighted and dejected,
I lie down,silently.
The bed feels too wet though I'm sure it's not raining outside.
I never wet my beds back in my childhood.
My mom was one hell of a happy woman!

Maybe I AM hallucinating
because it's raining after all!
Incessant and untiring,
the drizzle has been going on for hours.
The sky is some nagging sissy.
I won't have been able to cry for this long,ever!

Or maybe I was in denial.
I don't like the rains much these days.
It seems to mock my very existence.
It seems to make fun of the fact that I got no tears,none whatsoever.
A fact that I was rather proud of.

My floor has turned into a pool of water by now.
No,it's not romantic.
It doesn't rouse the poet inside any of us.
It's plain ugly and poor.
But it doesn't affect me much since I sit on the bed,all day long.

Twenty minutes past two,the clock makes a feeble attempt to ring.
Then resigns and sits on my bed to sing,
to sing unknown scary lullaby never sung before.
It doesn't put me to sleep.
It just turns my hope yellow.


  1. The joy of poetry.. Ahh! Complete bliss!
    you're reading quite a lot of poems these days, aren't you?
    Personally, poetry doesn't come that easy to me. You can figure that out from the fact that there is just one complete poem I've written so far.
    Well done.. waiting to read more of these!

  2. Poetry.....good stuff..anything that helps us make feel less miserable is good stuff..:-)

  3. YOU ARE AWESOME!! din't mean to sound rude with caps on! but this one is awesome, different, mind blowing. loved it. love you too.

  4. Soumi , this one really touched my heart , so awesome ! It was raining heavily outside some days back and I think you wrote it then , comparing your inner world to the outer world ...great lines and a memorable poem ...poetry comes so easy to you !