Saturday, 14 April 2012

The pervert coakroach

I saw the cockroach on my wall while undressing.

I guess it didn't have a cock but then,I was busy unhooking my brassiere,so I can't be sure.

I'm using 'it' because I'm not sure of its sex though ONLY men are supposed to have cocks and I already had doubts that it might have a cock but the fact that it might have a cunt too never occurred to me.

I'm sexist and proudly so.

Coming back to the story,the cockroach was staring at me(or my plum-colored breast).

"What? You want a nibble,oldie?",I asked it.

But it didn't answer. It just kept staring.

I won't deny,I was a little uneasy.

You see,I don't detest sex but it HAS TO be consensual.

And it bloody pisses me off when one gets a view without my permission.

So,I turned my back to it,only to remember that I had even taken my panty off and my bare ass wasn't that bad a view.

So,I couldn't really deny it a view.

While I was busy thinking it over,the cockroach jumped on its feet,landed right on my lap and winked at me.

Then it was gone for good.

The reader is advised to close the browser at this point of time if he/she is here strictly for reading. However,if you LOVE 'Gossip Girl',you're allowed to continue.
P.S.Meeting up my besties Sayantani,Anu and Ayantika today was so much fun! We DID feel part of  'SATC,Kolkata',to say the least! We had lunch at Peter Cat,then the very generous Sayantani bought me 'gola' and then we went to B.K.Market. I'll be sharing everybody else's photos too but I thought Sayantani deserved to be the opening bats(wo)man since
i)she planned this outing
ii)she bought me a substandard 'gola'
iii)she's SO gonna lend me her palazzos!(I know I'm good,Sayantani and that's why people can never accuse me of 'emosanal blackmailing',but you're 'officially' allowed to hate me,:P)

I absolutely HEART her neck piece! And the sling!*Sigh*


  1. A Kolkata Blogger's meet happened without me????:-O How dare you!!!!!:-D
    BTW, I could see the effect the SATC discussions had on you quite clearly in this post of yours,LOL!!!!!!!

  2. such a hilarious post !
    I'm your newest follower & Sayatanni is such a pretty girl no? Looks like the bloggers meet was a fun :)

  3. I just awarded you the Awesome Blogger award! Visit my page to know about the details!

    Congrats! :D

  4. it is a hilarious sure the cockroach was a man!!

    saw ur kolkata fashion bloggers outing on anupriya's blog...coool!!

    1. You did? YAY! Yeah,we had so much fun!:-)

  5. I just came across Sayantani's blog few days back...Must say she has got an impeccable sense of style....she is one of those few fashion bloggers from Kolkata whom i really admire

  6. Thank you for making me the opening batsman *all teary eyed* and yes, you could always borrow you know that!

    P.S What's with all the sex on your mind for the last few days? :P

    1. All the sex on my mind,eh? Sex has always been there toh! :P

  7. Yellow. I awarded you too :) Go see :*

  8. haha you're so funny! had fun reading your post..kisses!

  9. I say...screw the roach! He must be going through some "mid-life crisis" or such... :P

    Sayantani sure was looking her pretty self that day! :)

    And......FYI...I also have quite a few things you may want to borrow from my closet! Provided, you let me open the innings next time!! ;)

  10. Oooo am sure you gals have had a gala time. Sayanti is looking good!! Waiting for more pics :)

    Thanx for your lovely comment :)

  11. Soumi, an award is waiting for you at my blog. Please check it whenever you get time !
    take care,

  12. I was reading your KBM posts and realised the cockroach poem and me just had to go together! The poem is hilarious! but nothing creeps me out more than a cockroach and it happened to be my saathi in your blog! :P

  13. nice yor KBM post......

  14. Lucky cockroach... Poor people only get to read about it....