Wednesday, 9 November 2011

Not an end...

As I've mentioned in my facebook post today too,this tribute series has opened a whole new window for me.So much appreciation from so many great people!I'm overwhelmed!I'm also quite certain that every blogger,somewhere down their heart,is a nice and warm person.It takes a lot of guts to start blogging,to be brave enough to open up your life to the rest of the world.In these seven months of blogging,I've contacted quite a few bloggers,sometimes on a public forum,sometimes on a more personal basis.But I've never been misunderstood.I've always got more than I could ask for.Every smile has been met with a warmer smile.Every little compliment has been answered with the politest regards.And nobody,not even a single person has discouraged me or reminded me how lame my blog is.Even when I had started mailing bloggers asking for their permission to use their pictures on my blog,nobody thought that I might do it to gain a little publicity by cashing on their popularity.Nobody thought I might do it because I'm running out of topics to write about.They all were really supportive and thankful and kind.Really,blogging is a whole new world where all the cruelties of the real world don't exist.And given a choice,I'd rather live in this world than the bad,old real one.I can't thank all you bloggers enough for making me trust people again.
                                                                                                               Anyway,I'm going out of track.I'm not at my best when I'm emotional.So,the next blog in the line is 'Vintage Obsession'.Unlike the other tribute posts,this post will be more of a fan mail than a dedication peppered with a few personal anecdotes.Because,sadly,though Smirthi of Vintage Obsession is one of my all time favorite bloggers,I've not really got a chance to interact with her personally.And trust me,it's been one of the biggest regrets of my blogging life.It's a shame because we both come from Engineering background and we both love Bangalore obsessively(if you're a reader of her blog,I needn't explain her reason and I LOVE Bangalore because I've some of my best friends down there and I believe it's one of the truly cosmopolitan cities of India,never mind Mumbaikars and Delhites).
                                                                                                               One thing that has always fascinated me about Smirthi is that she's a fashion blogger with an Indian voice.I still can't forget one of her posts with a belt bag where she had said that she had read that these belt bags were really 'in' these days in some magazine while she had bought them on a trip to Rajasthan long back but of course,some foreign fashion pundit has to come and tell us that something in our country is 'cool' and 'hip' and 'in' and only then,we go ga ga about it.We need others' approval in order to feel better about ourselves.That's when I fell in love with her for the rest of my life.She's a blogger for whom fashion doesn't only mean reading 'Vogue' and checking out high end stores.She has an eye for everything beautiful-a fellow traveler,a quirky poster she came across while going somewhere else,small village children living in a whole new world and what not.She has an eye for every little detail.These days,'Vintage Obsession' has collaborated with Bruno from Mozambique for the photography part but I guess she herself could've been a really successful photographer if she wished.She's also a huge supporter of anything Indian.She has great love for our heritage,fashion wise or otherwise.She is a sucker for anything made by artisans and blends them beautifully with the high street elements of her wardrobe.For every 'Vero Moda' in her outfit posts,there's a skirt made by an unnamed tailor.She has a thing for black.Every time I think I'm sick of black and I'm finally ready to take a 'no black till I die' pledge,I go visit her blog once.Just one look at what she does with black and I'm a black person again.And most of her outfits are like those dark satires that play out a funny scene but you're scared to laugh because something tells you that it's not at all funny,it's actually scary and tragic.You're always looking for new interpretations,fearing that you still haven't really got her.There's more to it than what meets the eye.And ah,the vintage part.I almost missed it.No post of hers(except the ones she does while she's on the run)is complete without a vintage element-a glove,a skirt,an umbrella or something else.And that's something I LOVE about her!Every look of hers represents her as a whole-things she's proud of,things she's comfortable in,things she's passionate about...I can go on and on but it's just a blog.

                                                                                                                            Writing about her is a little hard for me because I don't know what to say-the things that I've always wanted to tell her or the things I adore her for.The things that I follow her for or the things I've always wanted to share with her.The things I want you to know about her or the things I've always wanted her to know about myself.It slowly becomes a post plus a personalized letter plus a fan mail(like I said).It even gets tinged with that 'I know you don't owe me anything but I still can't help being a little mad at you for never reaching out to me.You should know what a desperate reader I've always been and you still let me remain just another reader'.I'm sorry,Smirthi.It sounds stupid.But I promised myself before writing the post that I won't go back and delete a single word.So,I'll just let it be the way it is(even if it's super embarrassing).I've always been a demanding person.Just reading my favorite blogger isn't enough for me,I can't sleep until I tell her how inspired I'm and what I specially liked about it and how it influenced me and how I tried to interpret it and if that was what she had in her mind too...I'm just too selfish.I want to have my cake and eat it too.I guess a lot of pent up discussion with Smirthi(damn her mail ID which my good ol' gmail doesn't understand) is the sole reason that makes this post so hard!
                                                                                                       But honestly,I'm just thankful that an extraordinarily inspiring blogger like her allowed me(and many other readers like me)a glimpse of her life-the books she reads while sipping coffee,the walks she takes while the sun goes down,the movies that inspire her,the jokes that make her laugh...It's almost sharing a scratch book of her mind with us and that's really personal and I can't thank her enough for it!And the icing on the cake?She knows Spanish!How cool is that,huh?

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  1. My net was a little screwed , reason why I'am reading this now I must saw I'am super touched :) You have the sweetest things to say :-) Thank you !! wow