Friday, 4 November 2011

Inspiration-part I

One of Sonu's colorful and affordable looks

Grey fixation,Sonu wears Grey and makes sure the look is anything but blah.That bag is DIY,can you believe that?

Never saw someone other than Sonu look so fetching in androgynous elements-boyfriend blazer,oxfords and the practical sling!

I've borrowed from this look of Jasleen's time and again,its the ultimate office look for me!

Did you say color?Jasleen seems to have heard your cry.;-)

This look,too is one of my all time favorites!I found out a same pair of shorts after months of searching but in blue though I really wanted one in Grey!:-(The oxfords transform the look to a different standard,no?

Heart printed shirt,cute bow tie and frayed denims in romantic black and white and you thought it's not possible to look any different from Blair Waldorf in that shirt and tie!Sonu sure taught you a lesson,didn't she?

Who said you need to wear dull colors and subtle accessories if you're wearing one colorful ensemble?Sonu personifies risk in this look and still looks perfect!

One white shirt.Period.

Pictures like these made me endure the impossible Kolkata summer early this year.Ever seen a fresher summer look?

This look of Jasleen's is another all time favorite.She said she was 'dressing down'.I don't know if she was referring to the uber cool owl pendant or the vibrant yellow bag or the trousers,screaming casual chic.None of these say 'down' to me.
This post is long due.I had planned to start a series on ALL those bloggers who have inspired me in some way or the other.Blogging has been one of the most beautiful and intense hobbies I've ever pursued.I don't do it for money.As I always say to my close friends that I write because the world seems to be a better place after I write.Some people have asked me over the months if the hit rates and stats of the posts bother me.It never does.I didn't get this blog to be popular.This blog is anything but my attempt at being a high profile socialite.I've never been that girl and I hope I'll never be anything close to that.I've always been an opinionated person.I've always had something to say on everything.But I didn't have anyone to share it with.All my friends wanted to talk about were Bollywood movies,other peoples' relationships and studies.I had almost nothing to contribute over there.So,I had to remain silent all the time.I needed this little cosy place of mine where I can say whatever I like,about whatever I fancy.True,having someone to reply back would have been nice.But having someone(or something) to say(or write) it all to DID help.Today,I try to do at least ten posts a month.But once upon a time,I was like some of my readers-going through others' blogs and commenting but thinking that getting a blog of my own would be too much of a responsibility.But there were these fantastic bloggers who were so dedicated to blogging that it made me sit up and think again.Some were people of my age,some were highly skilled professionals with really busy work schedules.But still,they blogged every week,with extreme dedication,care and love.And the arrogant me said,'if they can do it,so can I.'
               The first in this list was a blog called 'Fashion Bombay'.I found it years back.I had read about it in 'The Telegraph' and noted the link down.I didn't even have an account on bloggers back then.I went to the blog from Google and boy,was I in for a treat!This blog is one of those things I swear by.It's run by two journalist friends Jasleen and Sonu.They say they bonded over a common love for fashion but it's actually more than that.I refuse to imagine a world without them together.Not only do they complement each other perfectly,they look like they were 'meant to be together'.In fact,it was a shock for most of us readers when we came to know that they weren't friends from school or college or same neighbourhood.They both worked for TOI and that's where they met to discuss ideas and to make the world a more fashionable place.They both have a GREAT style sense!In fact,GREAT would be an understatement.For me,they are perfect.And they don't end up looking like a copy of each other on even a single occassion!Their closets are the good ol' Aladin's magic lamps where you find EVERYTHING UNDER THE SUN!You name it and they have it.They both have individualistic style.While Sonu has a fetish for 'not so girlie' stuff like Oxfords,mens' shirts and loafers,Jasleen is extremely good at fusion.They wear sweat pants and still look like a million bucks!They're the ones who taught me that there's absolutely nothing called a fashion rulebook.A real fashionista is one who tweaks the rules her own way and still manages to turn heads.They're celebs in their own way and chances are rare that you're visiting my blog and you've not been on theirs.But still,if so,make sure you follow them  here.Once you are on their blog,you'll be hooked.


  1. I have no words to express the gratitude and love we feel after reading your post Soumi. We're so touched and overwhelmed.
    Thank you much for your love and kinds words.
    Lots and Lots of love and luck
    - Fashion Bombay

  2. Awwwwww...thank you so much!Such special attention from two of the most famous fashionistas was the last thing I had expected.God bless you two.

  3. i like sonu and jasleen for their ideas and their grt ways to dress for regular body types!!

  4. I really like the way Sonu and Jasleen combine stuff off the street with higher end pieces and end up looking so complete!!! This is a really sweet post!!

  5. What a great tribute! :) Love Sonu & Jasleen!!!

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