Monday, 7 November 2011

Inspiration-part II

There’re those who love a splash of color every once in a while and there’re those who swear by color.There’re those who use a little color to jazz up their otherwise boring looks and then there’re those who sometimes use a little whites and greys to balance the riot of colors.No points for guessing which category Karishma of Purple Peeptoes belongs to.If she wasn’t a living being(and very living at that),I’d have bought a bottleful of hers with all the money I’ve got .Ask why?She’d have been less fatty and more effective than my other comfort foods(read hot chocolate,phuchka,cheese burst pizza,khichri etcetra).I’m serious.No smileys down there.But then,had she been a cupcake,I guess she’d have eaten herself up long back.So,I’d have had to make do with poor(and desperate) imitations of hers.Trust me,you can make her do ANYTHING UNDER THE SUN with the promise of a basketful of cupcakes!
                                                               I discovered her  on ‘The Telegraph’ only.And my life has never been the same.I can bet my whole property(not that I’ve a lot of it,that’s why I dare risk it)on the fact that ‘Karishma has had a bad day and she HAS BEEN depressed ever since’ would be the greatest lie in this whole damned world!Yes,everybody has bad days but then,for someone as chirpy,peppy,colorful and insanely fun as Karishma,’sorrow’ is just a six letter word.She used to be ‘goddess of Boho’(if I remember correctly)back when I had just started reading her.Now toh,she’s all grown up-doing media projects in all black and white pencil skirt and shirts!:P
She’s one of those persons I’ve literally felt growing up.I’ve been following other bloggers for more than a year too but I’ve noticed the most significant changes in her.Not only her dressing sense and writing style evolved,she grew up as a person.She was one of those very few bloggers who were near my age(yeah,most of them are either older or younger,twenty one is such a tricky age).So,I identify with her the most.I’ve felt those ballons in my heart that she does every other day,I’ve gone through the turbulnce she went through at times too.Oh,don’t think she has blogged about them in a *tears and sobs* post.That’s just not her.She has one hell of a sense of humour!Sometimes,she’s so funny that it’s almost unfair!
                                                                                                                                             And now comes the most important part.Following her blog hasn’t been only fun.It has been much,much more than that.She’s the one who taught me to say it out loud,’yes,my shoes cost a hundred bucks!But see how cool they’re!I got a good bargain,bitch!Is that why you’re jealous?Is that why you can’t stop talking about your zara blouse?’Don’t get me wrong.She never used the B word.That’s just my adaptation.If you’ve ever played ‘chinese whisper’,you’ll know what I’m talking about.She’s the one who taught me how to wear colors-crazy,insane colors,day ater day,without getting tired or embarrassed.She’s the one who inspired me to let go of the air conditioners and get down and dirty on the streets.You get the best deals that way.With a fabulous tan and a little weight loss(because you’d be sweating it out,silly!).And she also plays the role of a responsible informer.The discounts,the fairs,the new stores opening…she informs it all on her blog!And like a true blogger,she isn’t obsessed with herself.She spends more time behind the camera than in front of it.Her click happy fingers miss nothing-a fellow student roaming around in a more colorful ensemble than her(that’s a serious threat,I guess) or a traveller ‘dressing down’ in the coolest pair of chappals and harem pants,she clicks it all!And she’s blessed with one of the coolest and best dressed groups around!Almost all her friends(or the ones that I’ve seen at least)have an individualistic style and never shy away from showing it off.So,that gives her a bunch of fresh models at her hands any time she wants.And don’t even get me talking about her brother.He’s so hot(specially when his super stylish sister dresses him up in one of those irresistable khakis) that I might get a burn scar if I continue talking about him.*Sigh*


  1. OMG! SOUMI! *big hug*
    I laughed and cried through this. You have no idea.
    Oh and I bought a pair of hippie pants for FIFTY BUCKS this weekend, (bitches). Yes, I was in Pondy again.
    This time round, I'm going to send you cupcakes!
    Come to Chennai/ Bombay? Yes? ^-^

    P.S. My blog would be incomplete without your elaborate comments.

    Much love <3

  2. visited ur blog after a long tym...nd it ws refreshing..

  3. @Karishma,my pleasure!Not only my bloggers account but my offline account(life account,that is) too will be incomplete without you!I'm trying to make the Bombay thing happen.Will be able to confirm you by end of Jan or so.Love ya too,sweetie!

    @Subham,OMG!You're here!I thought my blog was too pink to even expect your attention(or time)!Thank you so much!See ya in college.:-)

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  5. Thanks Soumi, I feel the same way as you do for Purple Peeptoes. :)

    I love to imagine her as "brightness". She is so full of life... love her style. Simple yet gorgeous.

    I was planning to thank her for a quite a long time, but not at all good in expressing my thoughts... :(. Thanks again.

  6. I just read all the posts you wrote about all the bloggers. Needless to say they are all my favorites too!
    But YOU are one of the most genuine writers i've come across in a long time! :) Loved the way you've described each of their styles and personalities.

  7. the inspiration posts are lovely .. amazing.. and karisma is also one of my fav.. i too came to know about her through telegraph..

  8. @AG,you owe me cupcakes then.;-)
    @Annachrist,yeah,livens the whole place up,right?
    @TheGirlAtFirstAvenue,awwwww...already blushing!Thanks a ton!
    @Simple girl,let's pay a tribute to 'The Telegraph' next time then,whatsay?:P

  9. I seriously loved the way u've described the whole thing. . I personally dont knw Karishma,but really like her blog..shez so stylish =)