Sunday, 6 November 2011

Inspiration-part IV

The classic lookbook with all the wardrobe must haves-black skirt,check.white blouse,check.nude heels, clutch,check.neckpiece with an interesting detail,check.

Queen bee taking over-the ultimate DIVA!

As if the insanely pretty dress and the happy pumps weren't enough torture,she had to add the gorgeous tan bag to balance it all!

Tan love-the shoes or the bag,which one should I lust for?...Hmmm...still haven't come up with an answer,if you've any idea,DO let me know.

And my favorite outfit post till today-I don't know what to look at,the too cute for words red sling,the beautiful skirt,the lace dress(yes,that's not a top,people),the super sexy strappy heels or the little brooch...

Kurti as a dress-how many of us have the guts to carry that off with such great results?

Stylish desi-I can live for the rest of the life just by staring at her jooti

Can a salwaar kameez make someone look more Indian?
Why part-IV after part-I,you might ask.Well,because God hasn't been that kind.The second blog was supposed to be Purple Peeptoes by Karishma and the third Streak Hue fall by Kavya.But Karishma hasn't replied my mail(asking for her permission to use her pictures on my blog) yet and since Kavya shifted her blog from Wordpress to her own website,I've neither been able to post a comment on her posts nor contact her.But it never was a number game,right?The point was to raise a toast to a few of the great bloggers out there who inspired me to discover an extension of my personality.So,who cares whom I discovered first or second?So,the blog I'm going to talk about today  boasts of one of the most elaborate titles I've ever come across-THE FABULOUS LIFE OF NOT-SO-RICH AND INFAMOUS.And trust me,FABULOUS is just the word that describes it perfectly!It's run by one of the coolest married women under the sun,Tanvii!You know what,reading different blogs isn't only a pastime for me.I love to read,I sure do but different blogs have different influences on me.A blog,unlike a book or a newspaper article,is an extension of one's true personality.There're different sides of different people that I discover while reading a post and it stays with me long after that.I discovered Tanvii on Kavya's blog-Streak Hue fall(She did a post on lipcolors of Tanvii).And the first thing I had noticed about her blog,her dressing sense and her personality in general was an unapologetic eccentricity.She is blatantly honest about everything without caring for any one's approval and opinion.'I'm what I'm,love me or leave me' is more of her attitude.The same is reflected in her outfit posts.She breaks all rules and not always with very positive feed backs.She has had her share of 'honest comments without revealing the true identity(if you know what I mean which I'm sure you do)'.The anonymous readers are a little too active on her blog but she never lets it affect her bindaas persona.Her blog has a character of its own.And it starts with the title.Hers had a lot of contribution in the making of my own blog title.Most of the other blogs I had been following until then had a title that made their purpose clear.I wasn't sure of my blog contents back then.I didn't want it to be 'just another fashion blog'.Basically,I didn't want it to fall under any specific category.And Tanvii's blog was just the inspiration I needed.It wasn't about fashion,it wasn't about food,it wasn't about fitness,it wasn't about social awareness,it wasn't a travelogue...It was all that and more.That's when I learnt that it's not the content that matters,it's your passion for what you want to write about.I also learnt to be a lot more positive after reading her.She DOES seem to have a perfect fairytale life,with a dotting husband,a cosy home,a figure to die for,a great family to come back to and most importantly,a closetful of beauties to last me a lifetime without shopping.But sometimes,in between all the laughter and wit,some of her posts give a glimpse of the fact that she hasn't had it that easy.If she still managed to remain so fantastic,why can't I,I found myself asking.And then,if all these weren't enough,she had to be a gem of a person!She's no less than a celeb on her own but she's still down-to-earth enough to reply all her fan mails and queries within two days.Once I had mailed her asking for a few tips on buying a tie.She not only replied me,she even apologized for being a little late!How often do you find that,huh?She reminds me of what my mother used to say long back(before I grew up,that is),'You get back what you do.A good deed always initiates another good one and vice versa'.I can give you an example right away.She gave a tribute to her five favorite bloggers on her blog a while ago and today I'm doing the same to her.And now,coming back to Tanvii the fashionista,what I like most about her outfits is that she's a proud Indian and doesn't think twice before flaunting her Indian ness.In almost every outfit post of hers,she takes a conservatively western look and adds a little interesting Indian twist to it like a jooti,a pair of jhumkas or a dozen(often a lot less than a dozen though) of bangles and makes it her own look.Then it almost gets too difficult to imagine the look without that small detail.And talk about versatility!She wears a skirt as a dress,a dress as a skirt,a maxi as a skirt,a kurti as a dress,a tunic as a kurti and what not.She mixes and matches like anything and when she posts the two different looks she styled from a single piece of clothing,it's almost unbelievable!Anyway,I'll shut up now and let the pictures talk.


  1. tanvi is one of my fav fashion bloggers!!

  2. Thank you so much Soumi for such a wonderful and heartfelt post. I do not have words to express my gratitude. For every 'anonymous' there is a a reader like yourself, who totally making the blogging experience worthwhile. I am really touched and cannot thank you enough!

    Lots and Lots of ♡ from ©

  3. Its wonderful to read someone write so selflessly about a fellow blogger. Very well done..Like your style of writing. :)

  4. Great post! Tanvi's a star! And the best part is, she owns it!


  5. Hey sweety! Go ahead with the post! Just let me know which pictures you're using, because I'm not sure if I like some of my old posts anymore. Hee.


  6. Hey Soumi...that was such a wonderful post..Tanvii is my fav blogger as well and I loved your way of showering love for her blog!!

  7. @Shooting star,me too!
    @Tanvii,you deserve every bit of it!
    @The unknown,thank you so much!
    @Gayatri,couldn't agree more!
    @Karishma,green signal!Yay!
    @Lipsy,my pleasure.

  8. love Tanvii! Such a fun inspiration post :)
    Xox <3 An
    Enter my giveaway for a pair of Buffalo Skinny Jeans :)

  9. @Hautepink,thanks for dropping by and informing about your giveaway.

  10. That is such a heart warming post :) yup, we all love Tanvi for the fact that she says it like it is and is not afraid to experiment!! :) Loved the post!

  11. Happen to re-read this post. Still touches my heart! (:

    Thanks (again!)