Thursday, 21 July 2011

Rain,rain,come again!

And finally, it’s here! And I’m lost! Okay, I might be a rain freak but only when I’m indoors. All those ‘cuddle under your sheets, have khichudi, pakodas and steaming cups of chai, read your favorite detective/romantic novel or watch your favorite movie and if nothing else works, just sit by the window and watch the rain’ plans’re great but the worries regarding what to wear and how to avoid the mud picnic on your clothes and shoes dampen much of the spirit. Rainy season(that’s how they taught me to call it in school)is THE worst dressed-down phase of my year, probably slightly better than only my exam time dressing down. I’ve largely avoided getting out on such days and whenever I had to,I just slipped into torn denims or old capris or shorts, worn-out tees and flip flops. But thanks to the monsoon post on Fashion Bombay, I gave it a second thought. Besides, this year, I’m having such crazy schedules that it’s becoming more and more difficult to avoid getting out on such days, if not impossible. To make it worse, most of the time, the heavy pouring starts a good fifteen minutes after I get out of my place. So, most of the days, I go out wearing my white blouses with cute pumps and ankle-length trousers and carry my patent leather bag because it ‘seems’ to be a rather sunny day and voila, as soon as I get into the autorickshaw, it starts raining! As a result, when I reach college/tuition/studio or anywhere else I’m supposed to go to, not only am I drenched ,my shoes’re covered with black grainy muds, my blouses’re wet and are clinging to my body(and it’s not even sexy!)and my trousers also have mud stains all over them. So, I thought there gotta be a way out. And I reshuffled my wardrobe and found some cute jersey tops and all purpose tees(though most of them look five-years old, thanks to all the sweating happening inside the dance studios).I’m also gonna buy a few very practical pair of stappy waterproof shoes and crocs in yummy candy colors. I’ve never been a huge crocs fan. My friend Moumita swears by them but I always thought they were just too casual and I got an infection once or twice because of wearing the cheap variety. But I never realized that if I think crocs’re too lazy, flip flops’re even more! So, on any given day, crocs’re better than flip flops. So, the basic code remains same for me-

#1)no ankle length stuff-

cropped trousers’re great for semi-formal occasions, shorts’re perfect for casual day outs. A precious tip about shorts-I had always thought the shorter, the sexier but after seeing Jasleen’s grey knee length shorts here, I’m so obsessed with longer shorts! They SPELL OUT   boho chic! A pair in khaki and another one in steel grey are on the top of my list.

#2)Only bright colors.

 No grey, black, whites for me in this time of the year. Yellow, pink, aqua blue, parrot green-the brighter, the better.

#3)Comfort scores high, always.

And this is one golden rule I stick to, even during the other seasons too! I never wear something if I’m not comfortable in it. And in monsoons, all these water, dirt and mud make it even more important. Trust me, you DO NOT look cool in your sky high heels if you trip. So, no dangerous necklines, no uncomfortably clingy fabric, no ‘too short’ hemlines that I might’ve tried out during Winter or Summer and last but not the least, NO HEELS!

There’s something about Kolkata’s rain that makes me melancholic ,makes me want to keep to myself and do nothing .I won’t say it ruins my mood but it doesn’t cheer me up either. I tend to be in an oddly silent mood during this time and this year,Moumita took the responsibility to make me see rain like a normal person, not a weirdo depression freak lost in the complexities of her own messy life(not exactly her words but almost).And I gotta admit it was kind of fun. Getting wet, wearing shit shoes, splattering water all around, having ‘kala khatta gola’ and then sneezing like a frog and finally, warming up with some piping hot momos…Pretty awesome, no? This is pretty much the last memory she left me with before leaving for Hyderabad(apart from her b’day bash, that is). Had some random pictures. Thought would share.

And stop staring at my tummy,you pervs! Yes,I'm 'blessed' or maybe 'overblessed' with curves,so what?


  1. While it is rainy in your country, on the east coast it is a heat wave that is too much. Thanks for your comments.

  2. Don't thank me.I follow your blog only because I want to.I'm not doing you a favor here.Nothing interests me more than finding fellow bloggers with a common interest.You people make my virtual day!Mwah.

  3. Interesting street shots and love your tee.
    Well,I'm new here. Do visit my blogs and follow if you like...
    Fashion in Gadgets
    Pulicat Lake Part II

  4. kolkata rains are something!!!..i have been there only once during monsoons(mostly i visit during summer or winters), i was like compared to here, delhi monsoons are nothing!!!
    i think crocs are uber fun!!!...but i prefer bata's collection of PVC flats for monsoons, totally stylish yet comfy....have bought two pairs and lovign them
    though will buy crocs too, their comfort factor is unparalleled and they lend a pop of color is a casual outfit!!

    im real glad that ur proud of ur curves girl!!!

  5. Your sense of humor and personality really shine through in your witty blog entries. Lol "you DO NOT look cool in your sky high heels if you trip," so true.

  6. @Bhushavali,I do follow your blogs.Thanks for stopping by.
    @Shooting star,very true!And may I add a piece of odd compliment you might not like whole-heartedly?You're the first down-to-earth Delhi girl I've ever seen.To be fair though,I only know a handful.;-)
    @Megan Joy,Thanks.Just started following your blog too.Great posts.Keep it up.And I've always shared a nasty relationship with heels.So,they should appreciate me for not bitching about them more.;-)

  7. @FashinPHD,thanks but I hate them.They're just so difficult to manage!And every single day is a bad hair day,thanks to them!