Monday, 25 July 2011


I just discovered a positive side of having bad days-having more bad days(and weeks and months)means going on more shopping splurges!So,thanks to all the frustrations going on in here,I went shopping again!Though this time,I had a perfectly justifiable excuse to-it's my didi's b'day tomorrow!I had bought a gift for her long back but it didn't work out.So,I went to buy something else for her today.And I had an exam from 5 p.m.So,a little de-stressing doesn't hurt,right?Here's the bag I bought for her,it's so damn gorgeous that couldn't help clicking a few pictures!Guess I'm slowly becoming notorious for using gifts before giving them away for once and for all.You remember Moumita's sling here(that I posed with before giving it to her),don't you?So,you probably won't be surprised to know that I made my chair pose with this bag.I love the happy crimson,totally perks my shabby room up!

You know me,the shopaholic by now,I guess.
So,no wonder I bought a few things for myself too.A ruffled top and a pair of shorts came home in my backpack(yeah,I had a dance class which I ditched,so,obviously I was carrying a heavy salwaar kameez and ghoongroos,so,I had to carry a backpack).And for the first time,I actually found the corn-spring onion momo at the 'Wow Momo' stall!Every time I go to a 'Wow Momo' outlet,they run out of corn-spring onion momos!I've been chasing this one for a few months now!The search finally ended.And it wasn't that great actually if you ask me.For vegetarians,the mushroom momo is much much better!And if you're looking for cheaper options,even paneer momo is better than this one!And the chicken,fish,prawn momos are always there toh!Another failed attempt to find the perfect white shirt resulted in me buying a not-so-perfect white shirt again!But more on that later.And last but not the least,our college'll have its first fest since 2004 this year!Yay!So,stay tuned for more pictures.Till then,happy reading!
P.S.If you'd rather like a depression-heavy post and some info about what had been bothering me for the past few weeks(not to suggest that I'm over it now)tha the happy(and shallow)posts,do mention it in your comment.If I find more than one people interested in my depression talk,I might actually share it with you(though I personally don't believe in promoting my petty issues and bothering everyone under the sun with my daily tear count updates.I learnt this very valuable lesson from Tanvi,one of my blogging idols),who knows?


  1. so nice to see a blogger from Kolkata and that also an engineer AND also a dancer AND a fan of Tanvi :) (we draw so many common there you see):D

    orange and yellow bags are so "in" this season.. and oh talk about ruffles.. am in so much love with them.. even I bought two or three pretty recently..
    following you up girl,
    keep posting :)

  2. @Poulami,Thanks.:-)
    @Ananya,OMG!Finding a fellow blogger with similar interests is so much fun!And that too,in the same city!Wow!Couldn't ask for more!Which college are you in?And tell me all about the dance part,I'm all ears!

  3. Am studying aeronautical engg in chennai.. :) I come home in kolkata during sem ends(like now)... and oh dance has been a real passion .. I have been trained in Bharatanatyam but I choreograph mostly contemporary or a fusion.. what type of dance classes are you taking? :)

  4. @Ananya,I've a degree in Kathak.And I've learnt a little contemporary too(pretty basic though).You're a choreographer?Wow!That's cool!And I'm loving your blog!It has a very warm,home-made feel.Keep it up.:-)