Monday, 8 September 2014

A pampering experience by Green Trends Salon

As they say, there's no better solution to bad mood than a self-pampering session. So, an invitation from the PR person in Green Trends Salon to participate in a beauty and skincare talk with their hairstylists and skincare specialists where we can avail free services as well sent all kind of feelers to my soul. Ever since I started working, pollution, sweat, humidity, irregular schedules and depression have been a part and parcel of my life. And what better way to cheer myself up than a pampering session like this?
                         Now, other than the above-mentioned problems, working poses another difficulty. One has to reach office(in time, if I might add). So, an event like this being held on a weekday, that too after 12 p.m., makes it difficult for poor me to attend itself. And the venue being Saltlake doesn't help either. Half of our time went in roaming about the alleys of Saltlake- asking clueless pedestrians for directions.
                     When we finally reached the venue, sadly, the event had already started. But we made ourselves comfortable and joined the discussion in no time. After the Q&A session, we were asked to choose the services we'd like to avail from the array of options they were offering. Again, since poor me was in a hurry to reach office before EOD(End Of Day, silly!), I opted for the quickest and easiest option- nail art. I wanted something in black and white with a hint of floral. They wanted to do an iridescent pattern first but since that'd have also taken a lot of time, we finally did white floral patterns against black background. My luckier friends, of course, got to get their pedi-mani and facials done along with haircuts and hair smoothening. Anyway, I know I'd like to go back there and get a haircut done as soon as I save up a little, what about you? If you are scared of Saltlake like I'm, no worries. They have branches at Bangur Avenue and Golpark also. So, suit yourself. Also, DO try out their hair treatments for controlling frizzy hair. The way they transformed my friend's hair from frizzy to Rapunzel-ish, I'd highly recommend it.
The setup for the Q&A session

Some of the products they use

Yes, I tend to be a picture of concentration personified when I get my nails done since I'm exceptionally good at ruining it.

Work in progress...


The maxi-hitchers and the like... :-P

And the royal posers... :-D

And the mixed reactions!
Picture Courtesy-Poorna
I'll do an outfit post on what I wore to this event very soon even though you can see most of it. Call it my undying love for this blazer if you want. Till then, take care and keep it stylish.


  1. yay! it was such a nice pedicure! I am going back again when I need another one.

    1. Absolutely! Give me the directions for the Gol Park one, okay?

    2. it's in the same lane as wise owl..onekta agey otar from golpark

  2. Looks like so much refreshing! Loved your blazer :)

    1. Thank you! I love this one too! And given the 25% discount, it was love at first sight! Come soon! We miss you! :-(

  3. You called me a maxi-hitcher ON YOUR BLOG??? :/

  4. never say no to a good manicure right!

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