Friday, 20 January 2012

Readers' digest

I always keep saying that my readers make the blog what it is.They take it forward,they make a difference,they inspire me...they play the role the people play in a democracy.And it's their enthusiasm I thrive on.Otherwise,I'm just an overweight pessimistic snob with thirty pairs of shoes and a few books in my bag.
                                                                                                                                  I savour nothing like a well-thought feedback from a reader.It doesn't have to be positive.I don't want to be surrounded by praises.I value honesty above everything else.An honest feedback,even if it shows me in a not-so-flattering light,makes my day because it proves that someone cares for me in spite of having no self-interest in it.I don't pay anyone for reading my blog.Unlike a few other celeb bloggers,I don't even arrange giveaways on my blog!So,whoever reads my posts,wastes their time without hoping for a gain.And still,they choose to do it and go on thanking me for writing though I should be the one thanking them!
                                                                              There've been many feedbacks that inspired me in some way or the other since the very day I started the blog.I already did a post on Meher and the effect her comment had on me.Today,Tanvii's post got me thinking again.
                                                                                           I was going through a personal crisis since the last week of Dec,2011.The result was Heartbreak and Co..A reader left a comment on the post which read,
'Hello Soumi.!Most probably you don't know me, even I didn't know you until I searched your name on facebook and was surprised to find that we are from the same college..(strange,no...?) Anyway, I don't know how exactly I landed up in here (your blogging site) during my usual net surfing after a long tiring day in the office. Primarily the name of your blog fascinated me... (Wow..What innovation!! Though I didn't get the real meaning of it..), then I started reading all your posts one by one (here I must mention that I am a great admirer of good writings; and yours are superb, very natural and your choice of words is very unique) and I really enjoyed all of them. But I was touched by one of your posts (Heartbreak & Co), actually I could relate myself (to be specific, our story) to every word you wrote over there.
  Three years back,I had had my first breakup..She didn't want to but I insisted and almost forcefully moved on. Her condition was pathetic after it, she pleaded for a second chance but I had no other option. While reading your post (Heartbreak & Co), I got a feeling as if she was pleading for a second chance again after so many years, because the feeling you shared over there was exactly the same, she used to tell me the same things, same requests, same pain..All the same..!!! Only difference is that she was not a gifted blogger like you, so she couldn't manage to translate her pain into some beautiful piece of literature.I am feeling guilty now for what I had done three years back. During all these years,I never had this guilt pang inside me, actually I never gave it a thought,I was busy making my career and took her as a lost chapter in my life. I never tried to understand her pain, never bothered to think how she was spending her days..
But your blog forced me to realize how tough it must have been for her during those days..!!!
All these years,I never called her, neither did I receive her calls..But one thing is for sure, tonight I am going to call her up and ask " kemon achis Shatabdi..?? "(Rough translation-how are you,Shatabdi?).
Sounds melodramatic, right..??? But anyway, that’s the way it is.
Wish you all the luck, keep blogging.
                                                     I call myself anything but a writer.In addition to it,to have someone's life changed because of some random lines I put together?What in the name of God can be more satisfying than that?I make it a point to mail my readers back after they put up comments in here. I don't like to reply to them over here because it just keeps increasing the number of comments,thereby giving others a wrong idea about my popularity,:P(There're actually five comments under my post but since I 'replied' all my readers,blogger shows others that I've got ten comments which is misleading,to say the least!).Anirban didn't leave his mail ID.So,I couldn't get back to him.So,I'd like to reply to him in this post only.
                                                                                                              Anirban,I don't know if you're reading this or not,but yours is the most emotional comment I've received in these nine months(yes,that's the age of my blog.)Making a difference is the biggest thing a creative person can aim to do-a singer,a dancer,a poet,a painter,a writer,everyone wishes their creations will change someone else's life.That's the best award one can hope for.You've taken a brave decision.Good luck with that.I personally believe that it's never too late.No matter what the outcome is,do let me know,will you?And if you're in Kolkata,you might come by
and say 'hi' sometimes.I love meeting my readers and other fellow bloggers!Feel free to meet me in college or elsewhere.Maybe I can share my story in detail then.It's been a while since I talked about my heartbreak because it wasn't a typical relationship and not many people understand.Also,people get judgmental very easily.And no,I don't think what you said sounds melodramatic.In fact,it's the most non-cheesily romantic things I've come across in a long,long time.God bless you.I sincerely hope you and Shatabdi follow it through and become one of those 'ridiculously happy' couples.And even if you don't,even if she has moved on,do stay in touch.I'm a pain freak and I think no emotion can ever be as pure as pain.God chooses those to inflict with pain who're stronger than the happy ones.So,you and I are God's special children.Cheers to that!

                                                   Coming back to the outfit,I've been wearing this pendant regularly for almost a month but since I never take close up shots,they get lost in almost every picture of mine.I've a soft spot for this watch though it shows no time any more(not the correct time,that is).This pink wallet is something I never leave home without.It adds fun and color to whatever I'm wearing.I've been obsessed with anything yellow for close to a year or more.So,that explains the frequent presence of this kolhapuri in my posts.hope you all had a great week.Take care.Love.


  1. I love that pendant!! Sadly, even after searching every accessory shop i could i did not find an owl pendant! :( Sob* Sob* But well, i will i am sure. :P Yellow!! It's suddenly the favorite color of chicks right? :) I love your post, your blog pendant, wallet, and you! :) Thank you for commenting on my blog. <3

    Xoxo. :)
    Surabhi. <3

  2. The pendant is super cute. I love wearing big pendants with casual tops because it really dresses up the outfit.
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  3. Love the design on your shirt and how you paired it with the red pants. Super cute and casual look!


  4. love it baby!!
    A_C'est moi

  5. hi my friend!!
    i love your trousers, actually i'm obsessed for the red colour!


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  6. LOVE these pants girl... and that aztec shirt... so PRETTY :)

  7. have a nice week-end dear..;)
    a_c'est moi

  8. very lovely post and I really like your necklace!

  9. Thanks for coming back on my blog and the lovely comment =)
    A great Sunday!

  10. liked your humor in the first para..