Sunday, 22 January 2012

Mourning the final nail in the coffin of 'democratic' India

We Indians take a lot of pride in being Indian,in being the citizen of a free,democratic country where everyone is given equal precedence,where no voice is lost amidst the chaos,where no one is denied justice and most importantly,where everyone is free to have an opinion.And that's precisely why the recent controversy regarding Salman Rushdie's presence in the Jaipur Literature Festival saddens me to death.
                                                                                                                       It doesn't take a literature critic to understand what a genius this man is.I've not read all his books but pondering over 'Midnight's children' for a considerable amount of time(Yes,it's the book that took me the longest time to finish) and reading select pages from 'The Satanic Verses' were enough to make up my mind on this legend.He isn't a feel-good writer,I'll give you that.But I don't know of a better read when I'm in any kind of emotional dilemma,when I'm having doubts about myself,about my abilities as an individual,when I feel like I've turned into everything I've been loathing since,like,forever...he comes to my rescue.He isn't easy-going,he isn't quick but just going through his books once restores my confidence back-my confidence on humanity,my confidence on the world.And to see that very man fall prey to this nasty conspiracy is extremely disheartening.
                                                                                                                                  You know what,I won't even get into that.Yes,he's one of my THE most favourite authors but then,someone might not like his works as much as I do and I totally understand that.But even if they don't,does that mean he shouldn't be allowed to say what he wants to,write what he'd like to...why'd he need an allowance in the first place?He's as much Indian as his protesters!Did these people need an allowance in order to hate him?And what's more saddening is that the Government literally remained a mute spectator throughout this whole joke.Insensitive,unreasonable and downright offensive demands will always be there but it's the Government's duty to make sure these demands are NOT met.And to do nothing as Jaipur Lit Fest goes on without his presence is nothing but fanning the extremist sentiments.It sets a bad precedence.It gives our country a bad reputation and it makes people like me want to say,'I'm an Indian and I'm not proud of it'.
                                                                                                                                    I'm not a Hindu,Muslim,Christian or Buddhist.but even I believe that God(if any)should be above everything.Even if the author wrote something blasphemous(which he didn't,according to me and many others),God should be powerful enough to rise above a mortal's 'opinions'.For every Salman Rushdie,God has trillions of people singing paeans to him,so,why does he care anyway?Live and let live,dude!Simple!
                                                         I'm not an intellectual(though at times,I claim to be).I don't understand literature(though I try very hard to).I'm no expert on religion(and I couldn't care less).But I DO believe in humanity and I try to abide by it.Driving an author of his stature to a point where he has no other option but to skip the festival(which claims to be the Cannes of Literature anyway)is shameful for all Indians.It's a sad day for democracy.
                     I'm wearing this nose ring to voice my protest against something so unjust! I think in some way or the other,it makes me look angry.And also,I won't be voting this time because if I spend hours standing in a queue and bring a political party to power and then no one hears my voice because I'm a peace-loving harmless citizen with no backbone and I can't issue 'fatwas',why care?



  1. Incredible Post! :) I so damn agree with you! SO much for living in a so called democratic country right? I just turned 18 last year and even i am not going to vote.. It's useless. Very nicely written. And i love Salman Rushdie's work too! Midnight's Children was like WOW! :)

    Xoxo. :)
    Surabhi. <3

  2. I can't agree more, Soumi. These were exactly what i would have wanted to say (just that I can't put my feelings into words as you can do ). This is my fave post from you so far,I must thank you for this. I can't understand why people are not ready to take art for art's sake and let each person have the freedom of expression in reality as our very Preamble says it!! I love Rushdie and his absence is a shame to the nation. I turned 18 the year back and I haven't voted a single time as I know my opinion doesn't count.

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  4. A national shame....couldnt agree with you more...The worst part is that he was misinformed,misguided and lied about his security....Be it S. Burrough's Nova Express,Rushdie's Satanic Verses or Hussain's painting....Creativity and intellect is always given the award of shame and disgrace.....

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  7. oh wow what a good're a good writer--and how come that nose ring looks good on you?! i bet i'd look horrible with a ring on my

  8. great post.

    btw. i love your nose ring x