Wednesday, 25 January 2012

Naming the one who must not be named,would I be put into jail,Mr./Ms. Government?

I've spent most of this week wondering which India awaits me in the years to come.An India where everyone is free to express their views or an India where I've to live in a hiding if I choose to make a not-so-politically correct statement,thanks to the extremist gangsters Government has been entertaining for so long.It's not only about Salman Rushdie.It's a much bigger problem.Wherever I go,I see the exact crisis-M.F.Hussain In Mumbai,Rushdie in Jaipur,Taslima Nasreen in Kolkata,it's the same old tale.They became the crusaders.We remained to live the shame.When I roam around the stalls in Kolkata book fair tomorrow,it'll be impossible to ignore Taslima's voice ringing in my ear-"Kolkata book fair starts from tomorrow.I'm the only one not allowed in there."
 This year,I pray to God to make our country a truly free one.
"I've been fighting this battle for too long to give it up now.I'll definitely come to India.So,deal with it.",says my battle-hardened hero.Always a true optimist portrayed as a pessimist,Rushdie says the silver lining probably lies in the possibility of people starting to ask more difficult questions.That does make me feel a wee bit better.Yes,I put forward questions,rather uncomfortable ones.And I crack funny jokes,often on the ludicrous Political system of ours.


  1. really?? Tasleema as well?? OMG!! What is the worst that could have happened on this Republic day...I wonder what is becoming of this country which screams of being the biggest Democratic Republic in the world :(

  2. As i said in your last post!! So much for being the biggest Democracy in the world.. This is shameful. I mean, if he has been coming to India till last year then what is the problem suddenly..?? :X This is utter nuisance.

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