Sunday, 12 May 2013

Pop up at mine-an evening of mystery cocktails,Nepalese food and awesome fun!

What's your initial reaction when THE COOLEST(not to mention the prettiest) party host invites you for a mystery party at a mystery location for your first brush with Nepalese cuisine? You thank your stars first of course that you're lucky enough to have her in your life and then you start counting days...
                                                                                                                                      That's exactly what I did once the sassiest woman entrepreneur in town-Johanne, the owner of Scoop, gave me a call one fine evening and invited me for what turned out to be one of the best parties in my entire life! Finding out the mystery location was mysteriously easy given her reputation for hosting the most amazing parties! I believe a stranger pointed the location to a friend of mine with a reassuring smile and the words,"yes,yes,go there. This is where THE party is happening."
                                                Once we were inside,it'd be an understatement if I say we were blown away by the decor inside. To see the amount of thought she put into every little detail was truly inspiring. Well,she has an obscenely sexy lawn to execute all those ideas,I'll admit but the sheer creativity used everywhere was unbelievable. The coke bottles were filled up with sand and gyp and put up beside the candles. The paper lamps gave an illusion of 'to be or not to be' and I already knew I was about to have one of my best evenings ever! The drizzle early in the evening(that had freaked her out) had already subsided and contributed to the nice weather. The host,looking downright hot in a pink number escorted us straight to the bar. I settled for a mango martini after a few phuchka shots and jell-o shots. The guests had already started arriving-each starrier than the previous. We met  Rana da -the flamboyant faatugraphaar, Bridgette Jones -the make up diva I've grown up reading every Sunday in The Telegraph and of course,three martinis,two cosmos and a few of Jo's newest discovery ganna shots later,THE Raima Sen arrived! My girls tell me I had scared her off at first with my lesbian handshake but they were obviously wrong because she was back in a while. Meanwhile,we were introduced to Jo's Nepali brigade-the people who had been cooking since the morning so that we can have the evening of our lives. And boy,were they from varying backgrounds! From army girls to sixteen-year old cute buoys...we met them all. The crowd was so diverse that we talked about everything from fashion,management,fashion management(no,that's not a typo),gamchha,eco-friendly fashion,serial-dating,writing,photography,beauty products,boxers and what not! As the music started getting peppier and the chatting got more drunken, the host announced that the food was ready. This was the first time I was having Nepalese food and according to my very non-posh friends,it was supposed to be all about radish. So,to be honest,I was a little scared. But I was pleasantly surprised. There was rice tempered with aromatic spices,dal,dum aloo,aloo-gobi,saag,mutton curry,chicken salad,vegetable salad,sprouts salad,various types of pickles,malpua with kheer and a lot more. The food was so light yet tasty! So me! I even went for second helpings. And then she gave us the cutest little keepsake to take home. We had to leave soon since I'm not rich enough to afford a car yet and cabs get pricier too at night with every passing hour but this was an evening that'd stay with me for a long time. Until her next party,that is. *Wink*

Shirt-Miss Chase,white denims,loafers-Simpark mall,sling-B.K.Market,bow tie-Howrah Bridge,rings-New Market

With Bridgette Jones

And THE Raima Sen

Photo credits-Debi and Pooja


  1. What awesome fun we had :-) and your chashma bow tie <3

  2. I like this post so much: these pictures are wonderful!
    What about following each other? Cosa mi metto???
    D&G sunglasses giveaway!!

  3. Oh! The fun!!! Not to mention your crazy drunken self! :P

    P.S.: The sheer shirt looked great on you! As did the bow-tie, my supermodel! ^_^

  4. you look pretty!! love the bow tie :)

    the party looks totally cool..and i miss being there :)

  5. you are something else entirely when you get tipsy!

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