Tuesday, 30 April 2013

Pow ow...

A Sunday morning fashion fiesta over cupcakes,coffee and cheese toast is something a girl can never say 'no' to. To top it off,I had my girls accompanying me on this guilt trip. Nothing spells high street better than 'Elle' and there we were,turning up in our chic-est avatar,flaunting all the accessories we got,all geared up to let the Miranda Kerr in ourselves loose. Debi and yours truly,always being the early birds reached the Forum Elle store before the event was about to start and was just in time to wish host Anu luck  for the fashion extravaganza that was about to take place. The yummy cupcakes and other sinful delicacies kept us staring at our watch from time to time(I wasn't wearing any,so,I kept looking at others' watches, :-P ).
                                                                                                                                         An animal print jumpsuit was my choice of attire for the event. Sweetening it up were my brand new pink pumps(which I ruined that day,thanks to my shoe-bites) and the pink tote. The pictures say it all. :-D

Jumpsuit,bag-Simpark mall,shoes,ring-New Market,shades-Park Street


  1. rawrrr! u look so hot:)
    and i like that pink bag so feminine:)

  2. You look absolutely adorable...lurrve the jumpsuit!!
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    Dreams n Drama

  3. aj shobai ke i am sending the pictures..you looked hot toh you know :)

  4. Animal prints + Pink...a combination so daring and yet you carried it off so well!! Kudos!

  5. I LOVED your animal print jumpsuit, girl!!! And once more, thank you for making it such a fun event!!! :)

  6. lucky girls!
    i wanted to be there!!!
    kisses from Spain,