Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Loafing away with all things Lebanese...

A lost puppy Sayantani on her way back from hospital, a proud and hungry Anupriya showing off her new bangles, a sweaty yours truly and a non-stop photographer friend Shreya have one thing in common- a love for sasta,sundar,tikao momo joints! So,when we girls decided to meet up for lunch because Megha was leaving for Delhi the day after even though she joined us post-lunch(yes,trust us to come up with ironies like that),the first unanimous choice was 'momo I am'(or was it 'momo am I'?)-the cheap but authentic momo joint near Lake Gardens. After shampooing my hair within a little more than thirteen minutes, I ran and caught the first auto to find a very fresh looking Anu waiting for me in her brand new bangles and aviators. Finding out Sayantani was a little difficult since we were looking for a little more eccentrically-dressed people from behind even though she looked cuteness personified in her Peter Pan collared kurti. Sadly,all our hopes of having steaming hot momos while sweating in the sweltering sun were shattered when they announced that no food would be served before 3 p.m. So,we decided to sweat it out a little more and walk till 'Go Lebanese' to have hummus,grilled chicken ad shawarma while sweating in the sweltering sun. :-P
                                                                                                                         It was a somewhat long walk but the food was totally worth it even though sitting in the sun and eating was a torture. But that's something you better get used to if
i)you don't have a car/didn't bring it this time for any reason
ii)you want affordable good food
After a very sweaty but satisfactory lunch,we headed towards Shreya's para cold drink store and after a quick round of sodas and saying goodbyes to the copy editor and photographer,me and Anu took a cab to South City to meet our very own Punjabi diva over tea,mango smoothie and coffee. All in all,fun day out minus the damage caused to skin and hair. Here are the pictures,courtesy Anu
Denims-Shreeram Arcade,kurti worn as a blouse,ring-New Market,summer jacket-B.K.Market,belt,loafers and satchel-Simpark Mall


  1. I totally love your bag. I have a similar one, only mine is completely leopard print.

  2. Lovely Soumi :) I will send you rest of the pictures by tonight :) XOXO