Saturday, 25 May 2013

Maxi-mum effect!

On the way to the alleys of nothingness,
I dropped by your place.
There was a fat cat sitting in front of your door and licking its paws.
I remember it staring at me for a good thirteen seconds.

The moon was obscenely bright that night.
It almost hurt my eyes.
But my city looked beautiful.
And lonely.
Just like me.

You weren't home.
I went in nonetheless.
Your clothes were scattered all around.
I hugged them tight and smelt them until I cried.

Then I looked at my shadow on the wall opposite the window.
It was ugly.
Uglier than I look with the lights on.

The clock went on ticking.
Tick-a-doodle-doo tick-a-doodle-doo...
A drunken security guard whistled somewhere far away.

I sat on the floor right under the bed.
I traced the lines my blood must have followed the other night.
It always bleeds a little when you do it
but I refuse to have you otherwise.

There are times when I wish we hadn't met.
There are times when I wish I had a dick in stead of a pussy.
There are times when I wish the tears streaming down my cheek were hot enough to burn my skin.

Like I said,the moon was obscenely bright that night.
And I was visibly naked.
So was the sky.

On my way out,
I saw the loyal cat still staring at me with suspicion written all over its face.
I threw a stone aiming its head and broke its skull into pieces.
Then I heard myself sharing a hearty laugh with my ugly shadow.

Contrary to what the words would have you believe, if you collect impersonal data, y life has never been better. If you remember the Elle meet I had blogged about earlier, the pictures are from that event only. As you might remember, we tried on quite a few outfits over there. I had a little trouble fitting into this maxi but like the title says, once I slipped into it and tied the scarf on and accessorized it with a super romantic clutch, the effect was maxi-mum!


  1. Some disturbing last lines in the poem, but I like it <3


  2. lovely! would you like to follow each other in gfc and bloglovin? let me know!

  3. OMG! That's a very deep poem!!!
    Btw, love your outfit! You girls look great! :)
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  4. There are lot of negative thoughts in the poem :(

    But on the flip side…surely Maximum effect :) XOXO


  5. Negative poem wiht lots of emotions...soehow i never picture you as anything other than positive and happy....which is what you look in the outfit posts :)

  6. Love the maxi and your head band ...very stylish color mix too!
    Make your picture size a bit larger ...I really wanna see the entire look in all your posts !

    Love the drama in the last pic!

    Fashion Quotient-Indian Fashion and Style Blog!!