Sunday, 25 December 2011

Jingle bells fading away...

That's how it comes and goes,every year.I make these big plans that never really materialize into actions.Okay,my cake was marginally better than previous years but it looked horrendous!Nothing was raw inside and that's a HUGE achievement for someone like me!Of course it wasn't pretty!I'm no Nigella Lawson,am I?It looked almost like a piece of pie topped with an exceptionally flattened omelette.It looked almost savory!The taste?Holy shit!Nothing was burnt,luckily.But it tasted less like a cake,more like suji(semolina)with dry fruits,orange zest,vanilla essence,orange juice and a LOT of butter thrown in.But my family was sweet enough to gulp it all down with a straight face.Thank you,guys!I love you all a lot more now.
                                                                                                This Christmas was nothing special for me.I went out with a few friends and roamed around like a zombie.I was finally planning to wear my one and only boots today but they decided to commit suicide at the last moment.Who knew suede was so delicate?Lesson learned.So,had to switch to these silver grey shoes at the last moment.I've gained a little weight,thanks to all the festive indulgences.Wearing a Santa cap took care of the rest and bam!You've the cutest she Santa around!.
          Suhel Seth had tweeted last night that no city celebrates Christmas with as much passion as Kolkata does.True.The lights,the carnivals,the merry faces,the Santas at every corner of the street literally force one to shake all their miseries off.I'll say this is the best time to work on an evident,long due break up because it's WAY easier to deal with your heartache with all the festivities happening around.Postponing it just for the sake of being together in Christmas,New Year and Winter(yes,even that's a festival for the Kolkatans.We LOVE Winter!Read picnics,visits to the zoo,museum,Victoria Memorial,circus,book fair,Bidhannagar mela and all the other fairs at Nalban,Milan mela grounds etc.,enjoying a ride at Race course,gorging on various meat delicacies and all kinds of sweets made with Nolen gur and what not)will make your life a lot harder later.Anyway,how's everybody doing?Hope you all had a great time.And till the first week of Jan,all the posts will be picture heavy and low on content.The meaningful posts will start after that.Is anybody complaining?


  1. lucky you .. enjoying kol winter.. out of kol missing it like hell.. :(

  2. nice pics!!! great post!!! have a blessed and merry christmas...

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  3. Great post! Merry Christmas to you, sweetie!

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  4. Very sweet christmas photos! You look so cute! :) By the way Merry Christmas!!! Check my blog too, you'll love it! I'll be waiting for you and your nice comments! Kisses!! :)

  5. These pictures are just gorgeous! I am going to miss Christmas when it is over.
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  6. Hope you had a good one. Great pictures!


  7. So I find a blogger from Calcutta *high five to that*
    I city celebrates Christmas like Calcutta! And I've been wanting to take pictures near that yellow wall for ages! It's just an overcrowded place but :(

  8. beautiful pictures (:

  9. Love your poncho so look gorgeous in that pic..New Year wishes all the way!!