Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Final solution

Yes.yes,yes,shopping always does it to me.No matter what happens to me,no matter what miseries life present me with,I can proudly say that shopping SOLVES IT ALL! ALL THE FREAKIN' TIME! Yes,a Jhumpa Lahiri book does too but that's different.Most of the time,it makes me cry and washes all the pain away.It's the easiest detox possible.But you need a room,quiet surroundings(no parents to shout,"E ki,baban kadcho keno?Rough translation-what happened,why're you crying?),no work,no skincare regime to follow,no outfit posts to take care of(In fact,the lesser you get out of home,the better)...only then,it might work.On the other hand,shopping is the easy way out.Dress up in the comfiest clothes possible and SHOP TILL YOU DROP.A few clicks in between and bam!Was I upset?Really?
                                                                                            Christmas plans...ummm...I'll probably have the GD-PI class at IMS since the post-CAT torture session is kick starting from this Sat.I'm not complaining though.I've missed Sanket sir,A LOT!And it's time I get to lust after him,again. The class will be over around 4 or 4:30.Then I might go to the Park Street carnival and if things go according to our plan,I might have alcohol breath on my way back.I've not had a single drink since July!Give me some credit,people!And 'make your own cake' plan is very much on.Will do it on 24th and if it turns out decent,will share a picture over here too.Merry Christmas to all of you in advance.Have a great weekend ahead.Love.


  1. shopping is a good way out of all sorrows!! I get bankrupt all the time, coz i cant resist myself from buying cute stuffs!! lol P:S that place looks just like the place i'll be going today. new market I guess! Right?

  2. Yep Shopping is definitely the best way to ward off all those negative emotions...How I love roaming around(if not buying) the New Market area...
    I Loved your Christmassy(I mean RED) look really cute in them :D

  3. Really cute and natural pics...Sometimes I have this weird feeling that I am happy only when I shop....u look super happy and this place looks happening for shopaholics!!Do partcipate in my Giveaway and get a chance to win a statement neckpeice ....much love

  4. I came across your blog for the first time today...and i totally loved it...its honest and at the same time interesting...From your confessions to your outfit posts i liked them all...
    Keep writing more... :)
    (Btw you look familiar....i think ive seen you somewhere but cant recall where (thanks to my poor memory)....)

  5. you look amazing! love your writing style, and had fun reading your posts. new follower, and maybe you'll have time to visit my blog. :) cheers from usa!