Tuesday, 27 December 2011

The countdown begins...

And the countdown begins.Of lost causes and hidden failures.Of faded achievements and irrelevant appreciations.Of broken relationships and newly formed bonds.Of dreams never fulfilled and plans never materialized.2011 has been one hell of a year for me!Some highlights-

I turned blogger!
                           Yes,this is the very year I started this whole new world of mine.Blogging not only made me a bigger and better person but also taught me to be selfless,uninhibited,confident and AWESOME!This space is so personal to me that I feel almost choked if I try to talk about it.Now I know why women go through all the pain to give birth.It's totally worth it.I'm 21 and a mom already!The name of my child?sold-for-shoes-overweight-intellectual-dancer.blogspot.com.

I broke up with dance
                                   Had you told me anything remotely close to the above mentioned statement a few years back,I'd have beaten you to death.Yes,I was that passionate about dance.But things happen,you can't help them,right?Somehow,the bond didn't prove to be worth all the passion and intensity.I DO love dance,undoubtedly and will continue to do so as long as I live(no one can predict future but that's what I plan to do)but the failures don't bother me any more.I know I don't have what it takes to be THE dancer and I've grown oddly comfortable with this fact.However,I know I'm a decent dancer when it comes to my style and that's why I was never rejected at the first round in any audition.So,what the hell?You gotta choose your battles.You win some,you lose some.That doesn't make you a loser.I'll join my contemporary classes again(after April,I guess). I never stopped going to my Kathak classes.So,life's good.

I learned to let go
                             Something really important happened this year which taught me THE lesson of life.Someone really special came back to me to renew our friendship.I did something terrible to purposely hurt him and he left me because he was too hurt to forgive.I was inconsolable for a few days but then,I learned to accept it silently.I don't know how I managed to hold my composure but at the end of it,I'm glad that it happened because I came out a stronger person.He'll always be special,no matter what he thinks.But my heart no more skips a beat the moment I hear(or see) his name.Is this what they call 'attaining closure'?

I got a job!
                 Yes,it was nowhere in my list of activities but for an Engineer,life seems pretty scary without a job in the final year.I didn't exactly work my ass off since I was busy with other stuff but I DID work hard and it felt good to be appreciated.And the promise of twenty thousand bucks doesn't hurt at all!

I had a year long intellectual orgasm
                                                            I know my CAT was a joke and so will be XAT but preparing for these exams have been such a learning experience that at the end of the year,I don't even feel like I went in there to crack these.As they say,it's about how much you learn.Exams come and go,they matter the least.I always thought they were pure cliches but I actually got to feel it throughout the whole year.Not only was I blessed with THE BEST teacher I've ever seen(and my friend,philosopher,guide),for the first time in years,something really interested me and pushed me.Every VA class(specially R.C and essay classes)was so intense that I was almost left emotionally drained after it!It was undoubtedly one of the best experiences of my life!Thank you Sanket sir for making me believe in myself again.You'll always be special too.I don't have enough words to thank you but I hope you know how you've changed my life.

                                                                                                                                 2011 was all about it and more.It was such an eventful year that one post is just not enough for it.But life moves on.So,no matter how much I loved 2011,it has to go.And I'm ready to embrace 2012 with equal gusto.


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  4. Happy New Year!and thanks for the visit!

  5. sounds like you had a pretty good year, hope 2012 treats you even better! xx

  6. Hope 2012 is a great year for you! ^^

  7. Great post! You have such a great attitude -- and shoes! Happy 2012! xo style, she wrote

  8. Life does move on..letting go can be the most difficult thing ever but when you do, the peace of mind you get is worth it!
    I like what you wearing girl!

  9. happy new year excellent blog keep walking!


  10. Cute photos and Happy New Year! xx

  11. A year-long intellectual orgasm -- I think they call that "winning."
    Happy New Year!

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  13. My best wishes for this new year!

  14. I could actually relate to your post...last year i had to go through the same phase.....
    And being an intellectual creates a hell lot of inner conflicts....problem with shallow friends,not having a guy as intellectual as you are....and the intellectual ones that you find are too lost with themselves,people who dont read piss you off....and i guess it goes on and on....Isnt it Soumi???

  15. love this pics and also your blog! It's so nice!!! I follow you!
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