Monday, 18 November 2013

Girls gotta have fun!

Whoever said that a girl is the worst enemy a girl can ever have had clearly not seen Anu , Sayantani and yours truly together. There is nothing like girl power. We get along like a house on fire and can talk about anything and everything under the sun without the slightest bit of awkwardness. More importantly,with Sayantani, I have survived something I never could with any of my previous boyfriends- a long distance relationship! Yes,it has been a while since she moved to Chennai,but a girls' evening out over Sangria,brownies and plain water(yes,the last one was my order) proved that nothing has changed in the past few months. We are still the same stupid,self-obsessed,insane,bitchy lot. And yeah,some relief it was,I tell you.
     Meanwhile,there is this slight nip in the air and I'm loving it! My favourite season is almost here! I have already started thinking layering,cosy woollens,evening walks down the brightly lit Park Street on Christmas,trips to New Market,romantic afternoon sun near the Maidan,picnics,partying,staying in bed till late and of course,my happy wala b'day! I'll be back with an embarrassing drinking story at our annual alumni meet and till then,take care,drool over Sheldon and Damon back to back every Sunday(Big Bang Theory and Vampire Diaries are aired back to back every Sunday starting from 1:30 p.m.,in case you didn't know)and most importantly,keep it stylish.
Palazzo,summer jacket,ring-B.K.Market,tank top-Elle,shoes-Simpark Mall,neckpiece-gifted,sling-vintage


  1. you three look adorable. I miss you all so much <3

  2. :* :* :* [Need I say anything more?]

    P.S.: We all miss you too Ayantika!!! :(

  3. You guys look great!
    Can't wait tro come Kolkata and see you ladies!

  4. You girls rock! Found your blog today. Loving it. Following you on GFC.


    Jenny’s Bicycle-Indian Fashion Blog!!

  5. So good to see virtual-blogger-friends turn into reallife-best-buddies! :)

  6. Girls.. When did this happen??? Why am I not here..?? :(
    The pictures are fabulous. I did miss some of these quality time.. sob sob..
    :'( :'(

  7. Gorgeous girls! I am doting on your palazzos Soumi!
    I have nominated you for the Liebster Award:
    Check it out