Friday, 1 November 2013

Sarees galore!

So,here is the much-awaited post,people! The coming few months will be busy. And not being shortlisted for the first company coming down to campus has allowed me a breather of sorts. Besides,Reliane 3G rocks! As a result,here it is,the post I had promised almost a month back.
                                                                                         Disclaimers first.

  • I have not been able to style the sarees perfectly,fashion-wise,thanks to the rain,the walking involved(yes,no matter what one wears,pujo is synonymous to walking for miles and miles)and of course the rain that played a complete spoilsport this year.
  • The people I generally go out with,specially during pujo are not shutterbug happy amateurs. They detest taking pictures,specially while pandal-hopping,more so if the pictures happen to be of my clothes and accessories instead of the pandals and idols. So,I couldn't really draft outfit posts out of them.
  • My digital camera died almost two years ago and since then,I have been too broke to fix it or buy a new one. Instagram helps but it can make a picture beautiful only if it's originally half-decent.
  • I'm an awkward poser,specially after I have walked for at least forty minutes and my sweat is doing a very up close and personal tango with the dust on my face.
  • I'm too poor to buy sarees I visualise. Roaming around shady alleys in north Kolkata looking for places that sell wholesale fabric can only take one this far.
                                                                                               All said and done,this time of the year is one of the most emotional times for me and these pictures,good or bad,are a part of who I'm. They have personal value and therefore,will always be special to me.

'Nuff said. Enjoy the pictures.
Saree-gifted,blouse-borrowed from mom,sling-B.K.Market,jhumkas,ring and cuff-New Market,silver kolhapuri(not visible in the picture)-Shreeram Arcade

Saree-Handloom House,lace blouse-Howrah Bridge,jhumkas and ring-New Market,batua-vintage,silver kolhapuri(not visible in the picture)-Shreeram Arcade

Saree-New Market,brocade blouse-Howrah Bridge,neckpiece and ring-custom-made by local jewellery store,bindi-roadside shop near Lindsay Street,golden kolhapuri(not visible in the picture)-Shreeram Arcade 

Picture Credits-Anu,Moumita and baba
And there is finally a nip in the air! I'm loving it! Looks like my favourite Winter will be here in no time! Even though I will have a lot up my sleeves this Winter,I'm never too busy to layer  and pose every once in a while. Meanwhile,you people stay happy,eat healthy and most importantly,keep it stylish. Till the next post,


  1. Soumi you rocked in all the sarees

    1. Writu! You are on blog-o-sphere after such a long time! Thanks a lot,babe! And how have you been?

  2. You look ever so pretty in sarees!! You should wear them more often!
    [Though I wish you had taken proper nice pictures in the polka saree & lace blouse.....that's my favorite outfit of the lot!]

    And I really liked the neckpiece you wore with the green never told me its customized!

    1. Got it made long back but never really wore it. Will do,will do,don't worry.

  3. Love the polka dot saree. Loved reading your disclaimers! ;)