Tuesday, 17 December 2013

Layering love!

So,my favourite season is here! Time for hot chocolate,staying inside the blanket for hours,walks down Park Street,layering up with blazers,cardigans and what not,watching the sun set behind Maidan, horse rides around Victoria Memorial(even though they are too expensive for broke students like me these days),picnics,view of Red Road from cabs,romancing the afternoon sun(yeah,I mentioned them earlier but I'm obsessed with the very idea in case it's not evident),piping hot momos and tea near Exide crossing,Santa,New Year...this season spells out awesomeness for me in every possible way. The scene is a little less bright this year. I still don't have a job. My semester didn't go well. And I'm too stressed out to meet my girls(despite their grand plans)! So,don't know if there's a gloomy winter lying ahead for me or the jingle bells would ring,sooner or later. I've also taken a resolution of not shopping until I have a job. So,outfit posts in here should be infrequent,if not absent altogether.
                                                                                    Meanwhile,take a look at my layering attempt almost a month back.

Blazer,neckpiece,ring-New Market,tank top-Elle,denims,shoes-Simpark Mall,bag-Emami

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  1. darling i had the most awesome time last year when i came to kolkata just coz of your girls...i so wish i was there this time too!!!!

    don't take the joblessness too deeply..things will happen for good dear!!!