Tuesday, 6 August 2013

One more exhibition comes calling for its monsoon leg!

Exhibitions in and around Kolkata are things that we blogging community try not to miss. This time it was the monsoon leg of High Street Via Moda at Shisha. The formal invitation came a tad late even though friend and fellow blogger Uparna had already given me a headstart,thanks to her stall in there. Anu and Shreya offered to accompany me and we were all geared to check out the overpriced collection with not a single penny in our pocket(it might have something to do with the fact that Shreya shopped till she dropped at West Side downstairs).
                        The collection,a little too blingy for my taste,was elaborate and varied though. We browsed through the stalls in a lightening speed - lured by the promise of chaats and aloo tikkis once we were out(which was fulfilled to the hilt). My choice of attire for the evening was a maxi dress worn as a skirt with a black blouse and pink cardigan. The neon green shoes are a new possession and I was close to tears when one stupid lady raped them in the metro and the bow came out in the morning. One pack of Fevikwik took care of the crisis at the moment and I was good to go. Let the pictures do all the talking-
Maxi dress(worn as a skirt),top,cardigan,bag-B.K.Market,ring and neckpiece-New Market,shoes-Simpark Mall

On a different note,life has never been more poignant yet beautiful. Love,in no matter what form,is magical when it happens. It makes you feel more alive,more meaningful and worth living for. And you feel blessed of course. I hate college these days. After such a close interaction with mature working professionals during my internship,gossips in college seem so childish and pointless! I find it difficult to sit through the drab classes and miss the view of rain soaked Rajarhat from my cubicle. But,life must move on. And so will I. Hopefully. Till then,take care and spread the love.


  1. Nice post..I am also hating college after internship..I went that day today but later..Texted you..Hope to see you soon..Please lets catch up soon :)


  2. lovely dress Soumi, love the ring and ur flats.
    been wearing maxi dresses myself:)

  3. Ahhh the bag...and the maxi dress is so beautiful. Seems like you girls had great fun. I was stuck in office.. :(

  4. i hate college anyway..learning practical skills out there with actual professional always beats petty college gossip and dull lectures...you look so nice..loving all the colours on you..

  5. you are really pretty :) love your outfit! :)