Wednesday, 17 July 2013

Four Seasons Wine Trail-a trippy tale with a certificate to validate the claims

Four Seasons has always come up with the awesomest events in my entire blogging history. So,no brownie points for guessing how excited I was for their Wine Trail held at The Conclave once I got the invite. I gather quite a few happy(as well as embarrassing) memories every time I let myself loose in the happy haze otherwise known as Four Seasons Wines.
                                                             India, mostly being a brown spirit lovers' country,isn't exactly a wine lover's heaven. If the statistics are to be believed,slowly but steadily all that is changing. Not only an increasing number of Indians are opening up to wine,Indian wines like the ones Four Seasons offers are putting India right next to the European countries famous for their wines. For a bunch of ladies known for their love for everything classy,there is no better way to spend a Saturday evening than talking the vineyard lingo.
      We reached the venue almost an hour late(fashionably so) to see beautiful wine glasses(we were soon to learn that they were all purpose glasses and not wine glasses) lined up on the table-as inviting to us thirty souls as butterflies shimmering behind glass windows. Two AVI s later(where we got to know about what Four Seasons used to be and what it is now),our teacher for the day(our very own P.P.K.Mitter who insists on being called Peter)started with the Powerpoint presentation that was supposed to turn each one of us into a "seasoned wine enthusiast". The discussion started from something as basic as what wine is and moved on to more complicated ones like the types of wines,the factors influencing it,the old wine makers and the new ones,proper ways of storing it and of course how to relish it. A wine is said to have its own life. One needs to feel it,let it breathe and drink it slowly to let the entire feeling sink in. After the presentation,we got down to the real business i.e. wine tasting. We were supposed to taste five wines-two white and three red that day along with a host of appetizers. I myself am more of a white wine person but their shiraz is simply hard to resist. Also,contrary to popular belief,a glass of wine is stronger than a glass of whisky mixed with soda or water. So,that explains the pictures below-
The tipsy tale is about to start

Dreaming away

Drunken smiles

A few more

Promotion call

Happy high

Summed it up

Empty glasses and full spirits


  1. All of us together at one place always ensures a fun, fun :D

  2. It was a really love evening...the pics are so pretty...happy and high :D

  3. all my favorite girls together has to be fun!!!

  4. I got so many points here, that's why i love reading your post. Thank you so much!

  5. Hi Soumi! I have nominated you for the Liebster Blog Award. Please refer to the following link.