Sunday, 18 August 2013

The evening all our dreams looked real...

We walked by the sea,
hand in hand,
a sudden breeze messed my hair up
and you said something about how beautiful I was.

We walked by the dusty road,
hand in hand,
the cars sped past us honking like the giants they are
but we were too drunk with love to notice.

Would you remember the conversations that came to a sudden halt
the moment our eyes met?
Would you remember my soft drunken ramblings throughout the night?
Would you remember how stupidly we reached out for each other under the tables
only to break into nervous giggles?
Would you remember all these long after I'm buried under the cloak of time as one more broken heart?

Constraints are all we have,you say.
You are probably right.
Our unfinished sand castles by the beach will probably never be finished.
The dreamy laughter in the early hours will probably always be a dream.
But,until the demons wake up with their ugly heads,
I'll always remember the evening full of hopes,
slowly creeping into a surreal night.
Jeggings,peplum,satchel,loafers-B.K.Market,ring and neckpiece-New Market

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  1. lovely words darling...and u look boho chic to the core!!