Sunday, 26 January 2014

Technologically Handicapped!

Do you have days when you wish the nasty T word didn't exist at all? Well, that would be describing my, EVERY OTHER DAY! I'm a believer in good ol' charming things. I like letters, books, sunsets, horse-drawn carriages, long walks, home-cooked food, bonfires, pianos, holding hands and everything old school. I want to wake up to the smell of my loved one instead of a phone call from him. I want to meet my friends for Sunday Brunch and talk about my life instead of whatsapping about the same. I want to  make it a point to read the newspaper or a book instead of fiddling with my phone while waiting for someone. And I always prefer coming back to a meal of rice,dal and chorchori(a dry preparation of mixed vegetables) instead of finishing another can of fizzy drinks with a cheesy wrap while working.
                                                                                                       My hatred and discomfort with everything even remotely related to Technology might have something to do with the fact that I, despite having a B.Tech in Computer Science, have always been technologically handicapped. Even during my graduation, I had no idea how to fix minor issues with my dektop while I was perfectly comfortable doing Linux or Unix coding, Artificial Intelligence simulations and what not for my exams. Management provided a temporary relief. Use of Technology in here was no less than my earlier course and even though I managed fine, I never fell in love with making presentations or reports or snippets. Why I preferred Management was because it still retained the human side of me since at the end of the day, a Manager sells their words and nothing else, relies on their basic instincts, observing skills and emotional maturity, sensitivity and competency to solve all the problems. The tools merely help them justify their decisions.
                                                                                                              But then, for every Management student, the Summer Internship Report is something of a life changing thingy. So, everyone puts in their best efforts to make it THE Report of their life- with all the cutting edge technologies, creative ideas, vast literature and tireless research. I was expected to do the same and I did, to some extent. But all hell broke loose when I started putting my thoughts into something more tangible- like a document. Some alignment won't work, some diagram won't get projected the way I wanted it, some Statistical Tool or the other would fail and long story short, I would be in complete mess. And after preparing the report, converting it to pdf was another task I dreaded. My friends back in the Engineering days came to my rescue but because of the long distance relationship, even they couldn't save my sinking ship entirely. With a lot of help from them and the much-needed support from the two most important people in my life, I finally managed to finish it. Decently. And decided that it was time to reward myself with complete detachment from Technology for a day. Tomorrow is the day when I won't be available over phone, whatsapp, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and every other social media. Tomorrow is the day I won't be using immersion heater, gas oven, microwave or any other electronic home appliances. I won't be watching TV or listening to music. I won't be going to gym either. I wish I could reach college without using auto or metro too but then, trade-offs are everywhere. That's a compromise I'd gladly make. So, before I'm about to have a taste of the life I've always craved, I thought of saying 'hi' to you all with an outfit post after a long time. The pictures are from our alumni meet back in November. They have been rotting in my folder for a while, thanks to my lazy ass. This dress is a #favourite, given my monochrome mood and since nothing gets hotter than an orange pop, here I am.
P.S.Excuse my dhaai kilo ka haath. :-P
Allowing you a close look at my ring and earring was the intention, as you must have bee sweet/smart enough to understand.

Dress,feather earring,ring,spiked loafers- B.K.Market
Picture Courtesy-Anu
I will be back with the Tolly Club outfit I had promised in my last post. Till then, take care and like I always say, keep it fashionable.


  1. You look so pretty! I love the pop of orange! You make me miss good ol' BK Market!

  2. Love the shoes Soumi..You look great <3


  3. That should have been "picture AND location courtesy" :P

    And let us know how your return-to-prehistoric-ages day went!