Tuesday, 22 January 2013

Adrenalize 2013

The world of blogging has opened up so many opportunities to me that I can't even stop talking about it once I start! I'm thankful to my whimsical self for suddenly coming up with the idea of having a personal space where I could rant all I wanted. Who knew I'd actually get hired for covering awesome events,thanks to all that ranting?
                                                                                                       I've always been interested in the media but getting professionally hired to cover events like hotshot press people is something else. Credit goes to Ginger Claps for bringing out the page 3 reporter side of me. Without them,I'd have been just another wannabe clicking pictures of myself in regular outfits and trying to get her voice heard. After the first wine tasting occasion Four Seasons came up with at Oasis(and treated us bloggers to yummy delicacies
paired with yummier wines,if I might add),it was time for the annual gym party at the Tolly Club sponsored by Four Seasons and ITC Sonar. When Four Seasons was there,I just knew that the party couldn't have got any cooler. The icing on the cake?We were to be given unlimited wine! So,all us Kolkata bloggers decided that this is one party we CANNOT miss at any cost!
                                                    We reached the venue around 7 p.m. and were asked to participate in the
wine trail if we were interested. We decided to go in and start drinking instead.So,imagine our disappointment when we found out that the winners of the wine trail were to be given,well,what else,wine as gifts. The wine bottles served at our table helped us get over the disastrous consequences of our actions. In order to console us heartbroken alcoholics,a very hospitable Mr. P.P.K.Mitter took us to the photo-booth where we could not only get ourselves clicked against the brand logo but get the printout of the pictures in a flat fifteen minutes! Even though the models with the watch-glass figure who were there to click pictures with us gave me a complex,the excitement of showing my mom that I finally am taking my baby steps towards becoming quite the social butterfly(yes,for her,photographs are only those that come in a piece of paper)overcame everything. The horse racing started in no time and amidst the fun and laughter started the two biggest attractions of the evening-the live dessert demonstration by eminent chefs from ITC Sonar and the grape-stomping. Megha,being the fitness freak she is,wasted no time in getting ALL the healthy cooking tips from the chef while taking down a few notes. Post-cooking,it was time to pounce upon the healthy dessert made using Four Seasons wines,masacarpone,pears etc. Contrary to our expectation,we got to know that dessert needn't always be sweet,it's just a preparation we end our meals with.The dessert the chef made wasn't too sweet and that's why I could see myself finishing off kilos of it without feeling even slightly guilty.To add to our culinary vocab,the chef gave us hard copies of the recipe too. The grape-stomping turned out to be THE event that night! We all had eew-eewed at the idea of making someone else drink our feet. Worse,we were thinking what if I end up drinking my own feet? But once we decided to shed our inhibition and just get in there,it proved to be one of THE most exciting things we've ever done! We were too busy having fun to even take a picture! Post fun session,emcee Gunjan announced that it was time to hit the dance floor. After more than one serving of chicken tikka,paneer tikka and mutton hyderabadi biryani with salan,thanks to our free food coupons,we were definitely in a mood to burn some calorie. DJ Happy's scintillating beats set us grooving in no time. Debi made her debut on the dance floor and had quite a time. But then,that we all did. I can't thank Four Seasons and Ginger Claps enough for inviting us to be a part of the event! Okay,I'll shut up now and let the pictures do the talking. I've one outfit post coming up too but more on that later. Take care and keep it stylish,y'all!


  1. You all left poor Debi behind the camera all the time!! I see not ONE snap of hers! :(

    Anyways...looks like you girls had a fun, fun time! I envyyyyyyyyy!!!!!!!!!!

  2. Your writing too is just like you...so full of life!
    I loved how you tagged Debi and quietly marketed her blog. mera bhi marketing kar do, me got only 44 followers :'(

    And some of the lines were really hilarious...like 'Debi made her debit on the dance floor'.
    PS- That pic in which you have put the bottle to your mouth makes me laugh all the time.

    PPS- Check my post too. Here's the link


    PPPS- Following you now

    PPPPS- :))

    PPPPPS- Na nothing

  3. Love the pic where ur drinking up! Cheers:)

  4. I envy you girl...awesome it seems you guys had a blast

  5. OMG!! Look at our pose and the excitement... :P

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