Monday, 11 March 2013

Summers are here!

So,the piece of news is that summers are here since our city isn't blessed with a season called spring. I'll be honest,I'm not the biggest fan of this season. I hate the perspiration,I hate the almost non-existent opportunities of layering,I hate the clumsy feel...Actually,apart from the seasonal fruits and the afternoon nap(which is a luxury I can't afford any more),I hate almost everything about summers. But,since I can still cheat and coax myself into believing that it's not summer-summer yet,thanks to the evening breeze,I leave no stones unturned to take a long walk down my favourite parts of the city in the afternoon(read after 5). There's one thing I love about the hot yet not so summery afternoons these days-I get to show my legs without getting an uneven(and therefore bad) tan! So,decided to meet up my girlies for an evening of cupcakes and everything fun(don't worry,the health freak in me is very much alive. So,I let them gain all the weight and had only green tea and coleslaw sandwich). There's this little place called Mrs Magpie near Vivekananda Park. We thought Anu's new DSLR deserved a cute setting like this one for its first outing. The results are here for you-

Skirt,ring,jooti-New Market,cuff-Park Street,top-gifted,sling-B.K.Market


  1. Absolutely love that skirt !! You look so sweet :)


  2. and i was born in summer!hate everything about it as you how you looked!

  3. Hola Girl !

    This is such a beautiful skirt and the length is just perfect,Pretty adorable look over all!

    Your hand cuff is definitely stealing the show here !

    Denim on Denim!!

  4. That cuff, that skirt and you... everything is very pretty over here! Kisses


    Bong's Belleza

  5. In love with your cuff.. your skirt.. your sling... and the cheerful you.. :3 :3...

    EastGrad Fahion

  6. Even I dont like Kolkata summers...too sweltering and sweaty!!!

    but you look pretty pretty pretty...DSLR or no DSLR (though it helps a bit!!)

  7. Very cute! Summer is hot but we can't hate it quite. Liked your bright smile :)

  8. i like your skirt and you look amazing !!1