Monday, 30 May 2011

love thy paedophile

For my first post,I was really thinking a lot about what to write.I didn't want it to be gimmicky but at the same time I wanted it to be arresting.While my exams were going on,I read about this book 'Tiger Tiger' by Margaux Fragoso.She calls it a memorabilia.A few details about the book got me thinking.It was so disturbingly close to my life,and maybe yours too.Most of us have been sexually harassed at least once in our life.I've faced it many times-in crowded buses,trains and even auto rickshaws.I've been harassed by my teachers,relatives,neighbours and who not.But we're always taught to keep it to ourselves because it's shameful.I never really understood this.I'm the victim but still I've to keep quiet as if I've done something wrong.He'll brush past me casually as if nothing has happened.And when someone actually shows the guts to come out of the closet and share her story,we call it a pornography?Because it's honest?Because she was a 5 year old kid wanting a little attention from the people around her?Because she never knew that stroking her belly would lead to oral sex?Yes,sexual harassment is a shameful experience.I've been ashamed of myself,just like my mother taught me to be.Not because I was deflowered but because I did nothing to make sure that no girl went through the same experience.Yes,I'm ashamed of myself and I'll always be.

P.S.for all those lovelies who hated it,if this post was a little too serious for you,please don't stop visiting this page.I'll be back with a new surprise.


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  4. I find u hav removd some of da comments above..neway..intrsting blog

  5. I honestly appreciate your guts for doing a post on this takes immense courage to come out of the closet and fight against...I can say am not among those who are scared to come out and resist harassment or molestation...I have always protested,and at times beat up people(or maybe slapped them).
    Wonderful post
    & last but not the least,your "about me" section is simply awesome,I love it...mine is totally crap :P